• How The Wanted started.

    They might seem like they hit fame on X-factor and skyshot through america in a mere 3 months,well they didn't.One direction did.The wanted evidently from old home made videos preformed and started in SCHOOLS and doing free gigs for kids just for the sake of music and their dreams.The shows they did during the beginning were absolutely free.They started from the bottom up and receive everything they have today as an aftermath to their extremely hard work and talent from the old days.They might not be PERFECT.Or cuter or funnier of more handsome or not as nearly as clean cut as One direction but they deserve every inch of success they've gained from tough times through the years they strive.

    And they keep it real.Very real.They enjoy themselves and careless what people think or say and don't try to keep up an image that matters to society.They live life to the fullest and care less of what other people think of them.And that,ladies and gentlemen is a message the next generation should be able to adapt to and learn from.

  • Better for dudes.

    I don't care if it is old, 'I'm glad you came' is more catchy, more likely to get a dude laid than anything put out by one direction. The Wanted can really get the party going where one direction fails miserably. The wanted are definitely more widely appealing to audiences of all ages.

  • Hell to the yes ...

    More mature.More sexiness.More originality.Better Lyrics.Better music

    I know this not something to debate on its very subjective but I just think they're music makes me happier and the have more diversity.Who are we kidding we only like these boys for they're looks and I j just think The wanted is sexier and one direction boys are too young and impossible to invest in.

  • One Direction Is Better

    One direction is way better than the wanted! The wanted is basically just trying to be one direction. One direction has been way more successful than the wanted. They lost the X factor but they kept going to be the best band in the world, statistically. The success that they have had in 3 years is incredible. The many awards that they have earned many documentaries that they have made of them then recently in August 2013 they had a film about them I'm the X factor and life on the road from their Take Me Home tour. I think it's amazing how they rapidly grew in their fame and success.

  • Not even close!

    One Direction's Music is totally better that the wanted! I mean One Direction has been in the music industry for 3 years and they are blowing up the charts ! The wanted is barely recognized nowadays! They haven't won an award in decades! And One Direction are Cutter, Funnier , and there music is WAY better!!

  • Not even close!!

    One Direction has been in the music industry for three years and their name is everywhere!! And as for the wanted they aren't even noticed anymore! They haven't won any awards for years ! One DIrection has won a ton of awards in the last 3 years so umm.. Yea One Direction is better they are Cutter , Funnier, and there music is better

  • No. One Direction is far better than The Wanted.

    No. One Direction is a group of extremely talented vocalists. Although The Wanted is also a very talented group, One Direction's ability to vocalize and harmonize with each other is tremendous, and has not been seen since the "boy band" days of groups like N'Sync, The Backstreet Boys and Boy'z 2 Men.

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