• The War is definitely being lost!

    I dont think that the making of laws and passing acts by the government in this regard will do anything because they are just in pen and paper....... Nobody is doing actual implementation.... Also it is not a mass movement...., to Curtail CHILD LABOUR..... There needs to be a MASS MOVEMENT

  • Yes, there are thousands of children being taken advantage of.

    I don't think we are making any progress in the war against child labor. So many under developed nations have huge labor forces consisting mostly of women and young children. The owners of these companies make a lot of money by paying them incredibly low wages. The women and children are happy to have the work, because the little they make keeps them from starving. They are trapped and it's a vicious circle.

  • It's still prevalent.

    Yes, the war against child labor is being lost, because it still happens all the time and it goes unpunished. China does not care about child labor, because they just want to be able to sell the goods at low cost around the world. There are also child laborers in a variety of industries in Africa.

  • Not Everything Is A War

    I don't really feel like there is or ever was a war on child labor. Yes, it has been a problem in the United States in the past, but we have passed laws that sufficiently guard children from these situations. In other parts of the world, child labor is still used, it doesn't mean a war is being lost.

  • No, the war against child labor is not lost.

    I do not believe that the war against child labor is being lost. While there are always going to be issues here and there, for the most part, the war against child labor has done a good job of fighting injustices around the world. More and more working conditions are being regulated by the law.

  • No, I don't think the war against child labor is being lost.

    I think nations across the world are cracking down harshly on child labor and putting strict restrictions on what is allowed when it comes to child labor, I think as time goes on we are going to see child labor become banned across the world so overall I think we are slowly winning the war on child labor.

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