Is the war against HIV and the coverage of those with a positive diagnosis (such as Magic Johnson) marginalized and minimized in the modern media?

Is the war against HIV and the coverage of those with a positive diagnosis (such as Magic Johnson) marginalized and minimized in the modern media?
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  • Yes, the war against HIV is definitely minimized in the modern media.

    Used to be there were reports on AIDS and HIV on every news show. The last few years it seems like it is no longer in the news. I can't remember how long it's been since I've heard any news reports regarding any new breakthroughs in the war against HIV. The media used to report on the progress of people who were HIV positive, such as Magic Johnson. The media doesn't seem to think HIV is important enough to report on anymore.

  • Reduced media coverage of the war against HIV and HIV positive individuals does not equate to marginalization.

    I believe that we are hearing less about HIV positive individuals because the initial panic and misinformation regarding the disease has died down. I think that less coverage is actually a positive thing for people with this disease because it lets them be defined by who they are instead of being defined by their disease. I think that advances in modern medicine for AIDS and HIV are still touted as news by the media, and that the media is rightly focused on areas where HIV and AIDS are an epidemic such as Africa.

  • The war against HIV has not marginalized media

    The war against HIV has finally come into the open on national media. And that focus is welcome after decades of silence. For too long HIV was considered an unspeakable disease spread by unspeakable functions. Finally, the truth has come to light thanks, in part, to the selflessness of many. While Bill Gates and Chelsea Clinton can reach across classes in the white society, it is the courage of people like Magic Johnson who can take the word to millions of Black Americans who cherish him almost as a personal God.

  • It's Not The 90's

    I do not believe the coverage of HIV is marginalized and minimized by modern media. HIV and AIDS was the topic coming out of the 80's, when it was first discovered and there were no treatments. With time the medical community has developed treatments for these illnesses and the death rate has dropped, just as the media coverage has. It's not the strong topic it was in the 90's, thankfully due to the fact that there are viable treatments that improve the patients response.

  • People are still vigilant.

    No, the war against HIV and the coverage of those with a positive diagnosis is not marginalized and minimized in the modern media, because there is still plenty of attention given to the issue of HIV. It is still taught in health-education classes in school. But today we understand more about the disease, and the behaviors associated with contracting the disease, so we are less alarmed.

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