Is the War in Afghanistan escalating, not ending?

  • The War in Afghanistan is escalating, not ending.

    There is still violence every day in Afghanistan. The Taliban knows that the war is becoming unpopular in America, so they are redoubling their efforts to take over the country. Pakistan is also known to be supporting the Taliban because they do not want a strong, pro-American government as their neighbor. The war is far from over, and, in fact, it is getting worse.

  • The War in Afghanistan is likely to escalate even more

    The number of insurgents in the Taliban organization and the Al-Qaeda organization is growing, and has been for a while. Yes, the war is mainly Unconventional, but that's why it's dangerous. The 75th Ranger Regiment conducts-on average- 2500 DA Raids a year, on insurgent compounds and strongholds. That alone should show the true intensity of the War.

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