Is the War in Afghanistan similar to the Vietnam War?

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  • Afghanistan is similar to Vietnam

    Based on my research I believe that the Afghanistan war and the Vietnam war are similar. First of all, in both wars the enemies defeated a European power, then ended up in a civil war for national reunification. Second, in both wars the US set out to create a US army base to train indigenous people. Finally, one of the biggest similarities is that in both cases the US misunderstood the nature of the enemy they were fighting.

  • Reciprocal wars ; no further argument.

    Afghanistan and Vietname are very much alike. In the eyes of many veterans the enemy is both old and familiar, both enemies conquered a European in power using the same method of guerilla warfare. In both countires groups were established such as the ARVN and the ANA with the same intentions. Tactics were the same but were given different names such as " search and destroy missions" in Vietnam and "Sweep and clear missions" in Afghanistan.

  • Both wars are similar by BigDLando

    In both wars the US is the enemy because the US was trying to create an indigenous army in it's own image in both Afghanistan and Vietnam. Both countries defeated a European power in a guerilla war. Almost 80% of the population of both countries was rural, and literacy hovered around 10%.

  • Both countries similar? No doubt

    The war in Afghanistan and the Vietnam war are very similar. The main reason is that both countries were in war with the United States. Also both were in a guerilla war with an European power, and they defeated them. The guerrilla war both lasted a decade. In both countries eighty percent of the population were rural and litracy hovered around ten percent. Both war were land wars in Asia, 9,000 miles long and extremely harsh roads. I think they're so similar than different.

  • They are similar

    Both wars are similar because both are going through the same thing. Innocent people are dying for no apparent reason. Both Afghanistan and Vietnam are fighting for something that probably isn't even important. Both got invaded by the US and both cost the same amount of money. Both Iraqis and Vietnamese people were protrayed as bad. They ought to seem like all their people from Vietnam and Afgahistan are terrorists. Both are fighting for a war that doesn't need to be fought.

  • No question that Afganistan is very similiar to Vietnam no doubt about it.

    Afganistan and Vietnam defeated the European power in a guerilla that both lasted a decade. Also in both countries the United States tries to model their own army and impose it into Afganistan and Vietnam. Both wars cost about the same about of money from $4 trillion to $6 trillion dollars. Both coutries have many more similiarties.

  • Yes, the Vietman War is similar to the War in Afghanistan.

    The Vietman War is very similar to the War in Afghanistan because of many reason. From the very begging they been fighting the same enemy. Once they realize that they both been fighting to get their freedom, the sonner they will realize the mistake they been comminted and correct them. Also, Vietnam and Afghanistan both defeated an European power and than after a decade they both fought a civil war (Vietnam fought the French while Afghanistan fought the Russian.) Throughout the years Afghanistan and Vietnam have share many similarity, althought, the biggest one has to be their strategies in fighting their wars.

  • Afghanistan and Vietnam are similar.

    Afganistan had guerilla groups so did vietnam , They had ANA and Vietnam had ARVN , They both insisted in fighting, The United States Lost in Vietnam because the politicals and military failure, and the exact same thing is happening in Afghanistan. The US is doing something different this time around they trying to stablish a capitalism goverment out in Afghanistan.

  • Afghanistan is just like Vietnam.

    There is no different from afghanistan and vietnam. The places and the faces may changed but the enemy is old and familiar. Both were land wars in asia with logistics line smore then 9000 miles long and extremely harsh terrain with few roads. In vietnam the united states insisted on fighting a war communism while the enemy was fight a war of national reunification. In both countries the unital states sought to create an indigenous army modeled. We have apparently learned nothing from vietnam.

  • I think the two wars are very similar.

    First of all, they are not a war, or at least not a war in one sense. We had no business being in Vietnam, and we have no business being in Afghanistan. We are good people, and we are being what we are told. We feel it is the right thing, but they dont want us there, and they dont want our help.

  • A different scale

    The united states deployed over half a million troops to vitenam at the peak of the war. The north and south vietnamese fielded armies of several hundred thousand each. Over 58 millions american troops were killed and more than a million vienamese were killed. Afghanistan is a minor sideshow compared to vietnam

  • Vietnam and Afghanistan are not similar

    Vietnam and Iraq are completly two different situations that are not the same . In NorthVietnam they had a surplus amount of resources and public support from Russia and the United States.Compared to Afghanistan the taliban had few resources and had no support from a bigger and more powerful country like vietnam. These two countries also had different ideological enviorments. In North Vietnam they fought so that they can aquire unity and most importantly independence .However, in Afghanistan the pashtun refused to ,they are not united mainly because they was under the Taliban government.

  • No, I do not think so.

    I do not think the war in Afghanistan is similar to the war in Vietnam. They might have a few similarities, but I think that goes with all wars. It would be difficult to be totally different. However, I think the circumstances and what is going on is pretty different.

  • The war in Afghanistan is not similar to the Vietnam War.

    There were different strategic environments between these two wars within war supplies and allies. The North Vietnamese had the almost limitless resources and public support of a superpower behind them. On the other hand, the Taliban had comparitively few resources and there is no risk of escalation with a sponsoring superpower.

  • No, it is not that similar.

    The Vietnam War was totally for a different purpose. We were trying to get rid of the communist government of the North Vietnamese, and despite what every one thinks about how we lost the Vietnam War, we were almost at the edge of winning the war; until we were forced to pull out by order of the President because the "people" didn't "like" it. If we stayed in for 2 more years, we would have beaten the Vietkong (fun fact: The average american force in the Vietnam War were having a kill rate killing 10 of them to one of our deaths. Only 54,000 people died in Vietnam, over a 12 year war span. If you compare it to WWII, in 5 years in WWII 100,000+ Americans died.). The Afghanistan war is maybe just as long, but we are currently winning, and are focusing more on the terrorist group rather than another army.

  • Vietnam and Afghanistan Wars are very different.

    Afghanistan war happened because of international counterterrorism operation mixed up in a tribal civil war whereas Vietnam war happened because of superpowers over laid on top of a national liberation movement. The Afghanistan war and global counterterrorism efforts were more successful. Also the Afghanistan war was more alike to the U.S- Philippione war, which U.S did win.

  • No, Afghanistan and Vietnam were not simliar wars.

    Vietnam was a war about national liberation and the seeking of independence. The war in Afghanistan was about terrorism. The wars had different operations, such as the Vietnamese had a army with tanks and air power and Afghanistan was more of a rebellion. Also the US spread out half millon troops to Vietnam and only 100,000 to Afghanistan.

  • Afghanistan = low intensity conflict

    The Vietnam war was a conventional war with real armies fighting each other. There were heavy weapons in use on both sides. There was the use of airforces on both sides. There were regular soldiers fighting on both sides. There were experienced officers in charge on both sides. There were well organized offensives on both sides. The chances of survival for the GI were A LOT worse compared to afghanistan. The losses of 58.000 compared to only 2.500 in more than 10 years. How could one possibly call that smiliar?

  • They are not similar !

    These two wars were competely diffrent. To start of the Vietnamese was a united country while Afghanistan wasnt. This brings Vietnam in a higher and more powerful position. Also something that disticts each war from one another is that fact that in the Vietnam war over 58,000 Americans, and more than 1 million Vietnamese were killed. While in the Afghanistan war only about a low tens of thousands were killed.

  • these wars are completely different...

    These wars are completely different first of all the deaths between these two are beyond different in vietnam neerly 58 million people were killed and in afghanistan almost a million were killed. The types of weapons and strategies are completely diffferent. The war we fought in afghanistan was against terrorism. The war between the two

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