• The US has already won

    The "War on Terrorism" has already been won. The US won awhile ago. The only reason the US is still in Afghanistan is to create an economy in that country. The fact of the matter is this: Afghanistan has no primary export. The only export from Afghanistan is Opium, which is Al-Qaeda's main funding source. As the leading world economy, the US has to revive the Afghani economy, but actually achieving this is incredibly difficult. To have a functioning economy, you need educated people and in a country where you can be beheaded for asking for an elementary school, that isn't a small order. After WWII, the US ruled Japan for roughly 10 years, now look at it. Japan has the best economy in Asia and one of the best education systems, also a perk implemented by the US. The US is also the reason German has the best economy in Europe. The main problem with creating an economy in Afghanistan is Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda has made it hell to create an economy due to their strong opposition to education, especially for women. If the US could actually do it's job without being thrown off by Al-Qaeda, this could be so much easier.

  • At present, the path ahead appears difficult, but we can and must succeed in Afghanistan.

    Unfortunately, in the years that followed, the U.S. did not devote enough resources to the war in Afghanistan, and the Taliban were able to regain strength. It is only now, with President Obama's decision last year to send 30,000 additional troops, that we have enough soldiers in place to implement an effective counterinsurgency strategy. In Afghanistan, the stakes are high. Terrorists across the border in Pakistan continue to plot attacks. The U.S. presence in Afghanistan is essential to ensuring that these terrorists cannot again use it as a safe haven from which to attack us, as they did during the 1990s and on 9/11.

  • We are already winning

    I believe the war in Afghanistan is winnable, because we have already made a huge impact. We have been able to kill one of the most dangerous leaders, Osama Bin Laden. I believe if we can eliminate some of the major threats of terrorism we can eliminate or at least diminish the terrorism problem.

    We need to help the people of Afghanistan strengthen their own army so they can start to defend themselves and help us take on the terrorists. Once this happens I think we will have a greater chance of winning this war.

  • War is a hobby in Afghanistan! Believe me

    Look at the region history. You will only get Post traumatic stress syndrome in Afghanistan foreign invaders. That’s all. For locals they love it. Only Afghans themselves find solution to their problem. If you want to win then don’t fight them, be thier guest, they will defend you with their lives. Simple!!

  • Ask the US

    Al-Qaeda, much like ISIS, was created, funded, and trained by the US and the CIA. It is basically the US fighting the US. While both have certainly backfired, this was is not winnable. If you don't believe me- do your own research on the topic
    US- keep to your own country

  • Cultural differences need to be examined

    In order to make a clear decision as to whether or not the Afghan war is winnable, one must look at history of the nation. The afghan people as a whole are not very connected. This is true both in a cultural and physical sense. While many of them have the same religion, a vast majority of governmental functions are handled at the local level. The entire thought of having many tribes exist in harmony with each other by having a centralized national government is largely antithetical to the entire Afghan train of thought.

  • The war in Afghanistan can't be won

    The war in Afghanistan may or may not have been started because of lies or misunderstood facts. It is going to be hard if not impossible to win a war that most do not even know the purpose of. The war is on terrorism, unfortunately we need to learn we can not save everyone, we need to first save ourselves. It is up to Afghanistan as a country to take itself back if it feels the need, not us.

    Posted by: jus
  • The war in Afghanistan is definitely not winnable

    I do not believe the war in Afghanistan is winnable. This is a Country with strong leaders, not to mention headstrong. There is nothing that the U.S. can do to change this fact. We may have made a significant impact there, but there will never be anything we can do to actually "win".

  • Ask the Soviet Union how that went

    No, it just doesn't seem possible. Afghanistan is an immensely hostile and immensely backwards country. There are numerous tribes, many of which have ancient rivalries. There is almost no infrastructure, and the education system is a mess. While politicians will no doubt spin whatever happens into a "win," it seems like to truly "win" a war, that country needs to no longer be a threat. Afghanistan will always be a threat as long as it is a fundamentally broken country, and continuing to wage war on it will never fix that.

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