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  • Are you kidding me?

    The War on Drugs is obviously a complete failure. A waste of the Taxpayer's Money, and stopped up the system. We could use this money better somewhere else for example on Universal Healthcare. We can use the money that is used in the War on Drugs, and we can use it in Programs made to help the Struggling American Citizen.

  • Stop the war on drugs!

    It costs billions every year, promots the black market with all the voilence and laced drugs, is not supported by any rational and scienitific argument nor by argument of money epxpect the money for the elite. Its just wrong on a moral AND scientific base! It creates crime, feeds organized crime with money, pulls resources from real crime and kills and destroys the life of many people.

  • The War on Drugs is a joke

    The War on Drugs is an absolute joke. The so-called war has filled the US's prisons with hundred of thousand low-level offenders who would be so much better off being reformed outside of captivity. The US needs to focus on ridding itself of big crime including cartels and hard drugs, but it needs to stop using the War on Drugs as an excuse to lock up copious amounts of low level (mostly minority) criminals.

  • There are drugs everywhere

    Drugs are one of the biggest types of crimes and one of the things that cause the most crime. By all measures, problems with drugs are worse, not better. If the war on drugs had been a success, marijuana would not be legal in a number of states. Access to drugs is easier than it has ever been.

  • The War on Drugs Has Enriched Criminals Bold Enough to Sell the Drugs

    The War on Drugs has been a pretty spectacular failure when looking at it from multiple angles. States have faced budgeting challenges because of the highly increased prison populations, and have turned to private prison corporations to save money. The sale of drugs made illegal has enriched not only Mexican cartels who smuggle the drugs across the US/Mexico border, but countless other unsavory groups in many countries. Lastly, drugs are still/if not more widely available as they were previous to the War on Drugs. There is too much money to be made, and someone new will pop up to sell the illegal substance is another is taken down.

  • No, the war on drugs is not a success.

    The war on drugs has failed. People of all economic, ethnic and geographic areas are addicted drug users, and the supply lines for illegal drugs have gotten stronger over the years. Drugs are easier to get than they have ever been. Huge crime syndicates from foreign and local sources control the drug trade and they have won the war.

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