• Yes, and a war on individual rights

    Why does the government get to tell me what I can and cannot put in my mouth? I own my body, the government did not give birth to me, and they sure don't live through the things I live through, so what is their position? Promote special interests. Originally a protection of corporations profits, the US government is now a hit-man for the drug cartels, taking out any competitors that pop up.

  • Yes, it's against human nature.

    The drug war has had no effect on the supply or demand of drugs. Locking up users and dealers has not affected people's desire for drugs, yet the war continues, people get incarcerated, and the prisons get even fuller. It has militarized the police, and turned our society into a surveillance culture.

  • Rather it is a war on poverty

    The war on drugs is a legal smoke screen for putting away racial and economic minorities to accommodate the gentrification of inner city areas and feed in to the prison industrial complex as well as the military industrial complex. People who are put away for drug use are more often than not racial minorities who are hampered in other ways by a racist and classist economic system.

  • No, it's a war on minorities.

    The war on drugs has put an incredible amount of blacks and hispanics in jails for sentence lengths that do not equal the crime. According to many studies, whites actually do more drugs than black and hispanic people do, but because police raids only happen in low-income areas, minorities are more likely to go to jail for this crime.

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