• Yes.

    Last time I checked, drugs don't sell themselves. The drug trade is composed of millions of people producing, selling, and consuming drugs. The entire point is to stop drugs, and stopping the sale and consumption starts by stopping the suppliers. While you could say it's against the drugs themselves, it would really be more correct to say the war is on the people involved in distributing such illicit substances.

    Posted by: cg42
  • Yes the war on drugs is a war on people

    Ever since the Reagan administration, there was a drug czar who tried to wrangle the drug problem. The only problem with this was the prison population began to spike and the majority of the offenders were there because of a zero tolerance toward even small amounts of drugs. Focusing on the reasons why people turn to drugs instead of focusing on the punishment afterwards should be our concern. Several states have already legalized marijuana sales; which shows our views on certain type of drugs are as recreational as alcohol and tobacco.

  • Yes. I think it is because of suppliers and incarceration.

    I believe there are two main reasons why the War on Drugs is indeed a war on people. The first is the suppliers. And it always will be a war on suppliers. The people who traffic drugs need to be stopped. There are criminal elements behind drug traffickers. This will go on as long as there's potent drugs, probably lifetimes. The other part though is the incarceration of users. In that case, this part of the war does exist and we could do something about this. I think we put too many people in jail for using drugs. I think we are harming society by doing this. I think it will always be a war on people but it will be a better more effective war if we take the attention off the users and focus on the suppliers.

  • In a way

    The war on drugs in a way is a war on people. Those supporting and continuing to endlessly fund it are fully aware (at least I hope they are) that they won't come close to eradicating the substances they are against, yet fill prisons with distributors of on a daily basis. It rings more as a way to keep some people employed than it is a way to cease the alleged drug problems.

  • No.

    The war on drugs is a war on drugs. It's rather mediocre in it's output, and the way it's carried out, but the main intention is to shut down the drug trade. Some people can go on about how it's against the suppliers, and while that's true enough, the entire point is to stop drugs.

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