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  • Not as much as it should be

    The war on drugs is an utter failure because it is a war on something that so many people enjoy like Marijauna for example. If the war on drugs was effective then there would not be as much of it on the streets as there is and I think that it will not succeed.

  • No, the War on Drugs is not effective.

    There are plenty of effects caused by the War on Drugs, but not what the average American would have intended. It turns otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals. It causes a black market so that criminals can rake in huge amounts of profit without paying taxes. It creates violence and death to protect the drug dealer monopolies. It fills up our prisons with innocent people. It gives the government another reason to "prove" that we need them and we need to keep giving them more money.

  • No

    The war on drugs is a never ending battle. There will always be drugs on the streets in some shape or form. "If there's a will there's a way" comes in to mind. No matter how hard we fight against it, they will always find a way back into our presence, just like the prohibition of alcohol. While its a good concept, its just a money pit at this point, even if all drugs were taken away, people would find other ways of getting their 'high'. Spray paint, sharpies, house hold cleaners, are just a few examples of ways people have done it in the past and they are just as harmful to the person doing it as it is others that may be caught in the crossfire.

  • In no way whatsoever

    The war on drugs is a joke. It's a costly, ineffective, resource-draining waste of time. Rather than working proactively and constructively, the war on drugs makes things worse, even for those not involved. While the original idea was a good one, it needs to be radically restructured to be even the slightest big successful.

  • Not even slightly

    Even its greatest supporters wouldn't tell you right now that it's been working, there's nothing you can point to that indicates it is. I understand the concept and the intention but this is a financial black hole that has not and will not fix anything that it attempting to no matter how long it endures.

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