• The War on Drugs ending.

    I personally think that the war on drugs ending would affect some people but it might be a way of making the war a better place. I personally think that the war on drugs ending should happen because it a lot of money being wasted even though people fee like its theirs.

  • It's a war with no end

    The USA doesn't want to admit that this "war on drugs" is pointless and that they have wasted so much money on it. Drugs are big business, a multi billion dollar industry (illegal one of course.) If your a drug lord your making so much money you won't want to stop!

  • War on Drugs Only Slightly Dismantled

    I do not believe the War on Drugs is currently ending. I do believe that with the recent legalization of Marijuana in 2 states and medical marijuana in many states, we have seen the very beginning of the end. The War on Drugs encompasses all drugs, therefore small steps in marijuana legalization, only represents a small percentage of what that war fights.

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