• The 'War on Drugs' is racist!

    The facts of the 'War on Drugs' speak for themselves. African-Americans (blacks) are approx 12% of the United States' population and are approx 15% of the nation's drug users. Yet blacks account for about 35% of all drug-related arrests, 62% all drug-related convictions and 76% of all drug-related incarcerations. The War on Drugs is an attack on the black community.

  • Yes the war on drugs is racist!

    All you have to do is to look at the outcomes of the 'War on Drugs' to see that it is racist. The unequal outcomes across racial groups is manifested by racial discrimination by law enforcement and disproportionate drug war results suffered by people of color.

    The rates of drug use and selling are comparable across racial lines, people of color are far more stopped, prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated for drug law violations than are whites.

  • Designed to oppress

    One of the main reasons that drug was were enforced in the Reagan and Nixon era was because when blacks began to consume these drugs, laws were set up to have them end up in the prison system, giving revenue to the banks and prisons. The war on drugs need to end.

  • America should be protecting its citizens

    Mostly street paddlers are arrested. Cutting the supply chain should be prioritised. By allowing drugs onto your streets and then chasing after all the crackheads all the time, you further victimise people who do not have many other opportunity. War should be waged on all producers of ellicit drugs not just their pushers.

  • War on drugs is phony...Should be called "War On Minorities"

    The war on drugs is racist at every level in the criminal justice system. First it starts with police discretion. Its not just a class issue they choose to over police poorer communities of color and use "violent" crime rates in those neighborhoods as an excuse yet most arrest out of those communities are for non violent drug(usually marijuana) possession. Second the DA usually over charges the person who has been caught with drugs threatens them with a lengthy amount of time to encourage snitching on other "drug connects" (then the cycle continues). Third blacks are more likely to be tried and convicted in federal courts than white defendants who usually get tried in state courts which are more relaxed in their sentencing of drug offenses . All these facts have been noted in Michelle's Alexanders book "The New Jim Crow".

  • It isn't racist, but it is still terrible.

    The War on Drugs is not racist, but it is by no means acceptable. It's more of a class issue - it targets drugs commonly used by less wealthy groups, and people with less money are most likely to be caught and to be prosecuted and incarcerated if caught - meanwhile, wealthy people can do drugs without any consequences whatsoever.

  • Only if you make it.

    The war on drugs is to crackdown on drug traffickers and smugglers and such. You can't say it's a racist war because the majority of people responsible for these drug crimes aren't white. That's stupid. The law applies the same way to everybody. Just because more blacks or more mexicans or more asians or whoever get's caught, doesn't mean that white people are innocent. It just means they either obey the law, or they're way better at not getting caught.

  • Equal access to drug abuse prevention...

    Part of the war on drugs was drug abuse prevention, which I believe has been offered equally regardless of race. If you avoid involvement with illegal drugs, the consequences of the law will have little effect on you. Race only becomes a factor among those who have broken the law. Even if racism were the primary reason for the war on drugs, which I don't believe it is, it could be made essentially ineffective by individuals taking responsibility for reducing drug abuse in their families and neighborhoods.

  • But this question is.

    How can targeting criminals for criminal activity possibly be racist? Granted if the coast guard (and other law enforcement) were the actual drug smugglers, and the people they catch were actually framed, it'd be another matter (I assume it's not).
    It would also be racist if doing these crimes were genetic. Based on the color of skin on the U.S. President, I call B.S. On those claims.

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