• The War on Drugs is working.

    The War on Drugs is working. The Drug Enforcement Agency is doing a good job in keeping drug manufacturers and distributors at bay. In addition the War on Drugs is having a positive effect through education on the prevention of drug use. Laws against prescription drug abuse are effective as well. Current law makes it difficult to obtain narcotic category drugs.

  • It's a disaster.

    More lives have been ruined by the war on drugs than drugs themselves. Portugal has decriminalized all drugs, treat it as a health problem, and as a result the number of drug addiction has reduced by over half. It's a waste of time and resource to incarcerate individuals who belong in rehab.

    The people who need to be locked up are real criminals. We need space to lock up rapist, murders, child molesters, and everyone else who are creating harm to other people.

  • A Huge Failure

    I don't see how the War on Drugs is working when they can't even stop drugs from getting into the prisons. The War on Drugs has been a failure and drug addicts should be treated and cared for, not tossed in a jail cell. Spending over $30,000 a year to lock someone up for a gram of pot vs spending less than half that per child on education is shameful.

    Decriminalization of drugs would take away the income of dealers thus destroying their influence. Holland has a sensible approach to soft drugs and it baffles me why the USA is hellbent on not changing strategies. Maybe it has to do with more and more prisons being privatized as less inmates equals less money?

  • Legalize Drugs Instead

    Instead of having a war on drugs, why not legalize all of them so they can be taxed and regulated. The great pot legalization experiment in Washington state and Colorado seems to be working as tax revenues came in higher than expected. Imagine if opioid-type drugs were legal. The illegal drug trade and drug traffickers would be put out of business.

  • It is a failure

    If the war on drugs were working then the raw number of people using drugs would be decreasing over time rather than increasing. The only thing it is doing is putting people behind bars and employing people in a narrow field. It is not rehabbing people or dealing with addiction as a disease.

  • No the war on drugs is not working

    I do not think that the war on drugs is working at all. I think that too much funds and effort is being wasted on trying to fight the war on drugs. I think that some regulations and rules need to be changed in regards to the policies in the United States in regards to drugs.

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