• Yes against whites

    White people grow pot, not black. I don't smoke pots but how can everything be racist. The big tobacco company's hold all the licenses to grow pot in the us since the Civil War. When all the smoke clears I expect them to step in, package it and sell it over the counter to make people dumber

  • No it is not racist.

    No the war on marijuana is not racist, it is based on fear of a product that was not tested and was grown naturally that caused weird affects to people. Although many races such as blacks and Mexicans get arrested over marijuana, so do many white people and Asians as well.

  • No, the war on marijuana is not racist.

    The war on marijuana or drugs in general is the war on unproductive and useless citizens to society. This is not a war on racism. The only thing relevant to society is that someone provide for themselves without harming other people in the process. Drug users are a huge burden on society both financially and emotionally. Color is irrelevant.

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