• Of course it is!

    The war on terror has been nothing but an excuse to strip law abiding citizens of their liberties and to enrich defense contractors. What have we really done about terrorists? We start a war in Afghanistan and when we are on the verge of wiping out the Taliban we stop. We now have rules of engagement so ludicrous we might as well just shoot our men here rather than sending them over there to be killed. We go into Iraq again halfheartedly and accomplish nothing. In the mean time we pour money into Pakistan which supports the terrorists. We treat the Saudis as our friends even though they are a major financier of radical Islam. Meanwhile we allow the government to tap internet and molest us in the airport. The war on terrorism, what a joke.

  • The war on terror happens too often because the government enjoys abusing power

    I think we've had "a war on terror" every two years for a little over ten years now. Arguably more. I think the US government likes the fact that they have such a strong military. So, I mean if you count the number of wars on middle eastern countries we've had in the last fifteen years, I think a lot of them aren't our business. The war on Iraq was our business. But look at how long we could be in war for? We just go to war with middle eastern countries that MAY have some relation to Al Qaeda. That was up until recently.

    Now, it's Syria more than the middle east. That doesn't mean though, that it's any different. We're probably going to go to war with a country that is trying to gain it's people's freedom from its own government. Why? Are we helping the rebels because we could potentially hurt a lot of them if we start shooting people.

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