• Terrorist are everywhere.

    Yes, the war on terror is real. And there are many fact that makes me believe that. First of all the attacks on 9-11, which terrorist claimed they hand their hands in it. Therefore United States decided to give them answer and all the soldiers who fought in Iraq and got injured or died is proof that this war is really happening.

  • War on Terror is only Propaganda

    The War on Terror is for propaganda purposes to support the Military industrial Complex. How can we say the government is making us safe when they do not even know who is coming over our borders to the south. It is money to the private institutions and the state law agencies who have allowed the fight on terrorism to come to our own backdoor. What use to be a domestic dispute can now be labeled a terrorist act. Speak out against your government and you are considered a terrorist. Once you were called a patriot, but today you are called a terrorist.

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