• Terrorism is a war

    How can this not be a war?! Yes what they do is a crime, but they pose an actual military threat. Would you call something just a crime that requires the presence of a nuclear aircraft carrier? With bombing around the clock? ISIS actually invaded and took control of much of Iraq, this is definitely not on the scale of just crime when they are a military regime that wants to overthrow governments in the Middle East.

  • Not a war on a concept

    The war on terror is not a war fought against 'terror- the concept'. It's a war fought against a group (or groups) of people.

    The idea that wars can only be fought between states is an anachronistic view of what wars are, and doesn't take into account civil wars (fought between non-state-actors i.e. militia motivated by a political stance).

    If civil war is war, the war on terror is also war. It is basically an inter-state 'civil war'.

  • Yes, the war on terror is really a war

    It is easy to say that you cannot wage an actual war on terror, as it is not an entity but a crime, and thus a "war on terror" is as meaningless as a "war on drugs" or "war on poverty," but what we generally mean by a "war on terror" is a war against Islamic extremists, who are an actual military threat.

  • The war on Terror is not a war

    Some people this so called war on terror is a war because war is in the name. However a pineapple has neither pine nor apple in it. The war on terror is the same as the war on drugs we are not fighting a country or state. Lastly its called the war on terror not the war on ISIS maybe if it were it could be considered a real war but it's not.

  • No defined opposing sides and no definition of victory or defeat

    Wars are financed by governments and fought by recruited soldiers representing countries with stated reasons and objectives. There are rules governing the conduct of these opposing states and their combatants. A war can be ended at any time when either state or coalition of states decides to enter into peace negotiations and the terms of a surrender, a truce, or a cease-fire are negotiated and agreed upon. The 'war on terror' has none of these elements and without clearly defined combatants or an organisation with which to negotiate an end of conflict it cannot be considered a proper war. It might be more appropriately called 'military adventurism'.

  • NO the war on terror is not a real war

    If you look at the definition of terrorism in the oxford dictionary, it states "The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims". I think this also implies to governments and individuals depending on what the crime. In today's world it seems terror is synonymous with only Islam. So no bombing a country for the acts of individuals is not a war.

  • No, it's not

    The "war on terror" is just an excuse to invade the Middle East. After 9/11 most Americans were convinced that we had to invade the Middle East to "stop terrorism" Of course while they were there they found absolutely no nuclear weapons, unless stones are nuclear. Just because you wear a suit and sit in the white house doesn't make you any less of a terrorist.

  • No, its not

    The war on terror is a made up concept. The 9/11 story presented by the media is not the truth. It was manipulated to make people believe in it and gain a hatred to these so called 'international terrorists'. So Bush had an excuse to invade these countries. A war involves two sides fighting each other. These countries were not attacking the US. SO the idea of 'going to war,to prevent war' is so illogical and doesn't exist since no war war needed to come from it. And there was no treat. So war on terror is not really a war

  • No, it wasn't

    The so called "war on terror" was just a concept that they Bush administration came up with to justify going to war with Iraq. It was a manufactured outrage. It used people's fears about what happened during 9/11 and misguided ideas about Muslims to justify going to war with a country who had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks.

  • Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

    The war on terror is a concept, not a real war. Combating foreign and domestic terrorists begins with the root of instability in the world--economic imbalance. When the poor and oppressed are no longer so, terrorism will have no place in the world. Terrorists kill for their ideals, usually because some economic crisis destroyed their lives at an early age. The war on terror is more about a concerted effort to bring peace as opposed to an all-out war on terrorists.

  • No, the 'war on terror' is not actually a war.

    No, I do not believe that the 'war on terror' is an actual war. The War on Terror was sparked by a number of conflicts and events, but the main two were 9/11 and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). While 9/11 was a terrible tragedy, another huge tragedy was the invasion of Iraq by the U.S. in order to find supposed 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'. Both of these conflicts caused the loss of life on both sides, but these were not fully-fledged wars, at least not in the typical sense. The country of Iraq wasn't at war with us, and neither was the country of Afghanistan. Rather, we were helping the citizens by freeing evil regimes in these countries.

  • NO

    A war is an armed conflict between two nations or groups of people. Terrorists are not a nation, and they are not a defined group of people: anyone can "become" a terrorist. The "war on terror" is more of a police action. We are seeking to find, catch, and punish those who have chosen to perpetuate criminal actions.

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