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  • Not the way it is being done

    Obviously you'll have to go after people who are planning an attack. But, I feel that by how it is being done now you are pushing certain people in exactly the direction you do not want them to go. A lot of Muslim people feel they are not being accepted by western societies, not having the same rights as us, not having the same opportunities, not being treated equally, and constantly getting harassment by security services/ police forces. When the IRA had it's bombing campaign in the UK, it wasn't the whole Irish population that came under scrutiny of security forces/ Police....So why does that have to happen to Muslims? They are human beings, just like us 'whites'. They have a different culture/ religion, so what? Isn't it a good thing that there are different cultures/ religions? I find other cultures/ religions interesting. It doesn't mean I agree with everything, but that's the beauty of a free world. You are allowed to have your own opinion, but you should also be open to other opinions. Don't stigmatise a whole culture for the actions a few individuals. Are all 'whites' terrorists too, because we have people like Anders Brevik, or Volkert van der Graaf (and many more)?

  • Many more acts of terrorism since President Bush declared a War on Terrorism

    It is my impression (but someone should start counting) that there are many more acts of terrorism since declaring War on Terrorism. It is time to say that whenever someone is killed, they are killed by murderers, and the murderers should be captured, tried and sent to jail if convicted. Drone attacks create new "terrorists." It is time to catch the terrorists and try them. It is time to let ISIS have the land it controls, and treat it like a sovereign state that must join the United Nations. It is time for an International Criminal Court to capture and try terrorists. It is time for President Assad to have the land he controls, and the Syrian rebels have the land they control, and declare a cease-fire, letting backers of Assad move to his country, and allowing backers of the rebels to move to their country. Enough of wars that benefit the weapons manufacturers and no one else.

  • Not really.

    The whole illusion of the 'War on Terror' was such a fallacy to begin with. Once again, the U.S. government sent troops thousands of miles from home, to defend what? If you gauge it by how many kill and captures the military has, then yes, we won the 'War on Terror.' But, if you look at it realistically, we lost. It has cost way too much money and too many lives.

  • It Never Existed

    How can something work, when it didn't exist? This whole 'War on Terror' was something G.W. made up to scare the crap out of the American people, and gain control of them. New flash, he lied. He was the one who constructed it, with Adolf Jr., Dick Cheney.

    They funded this whole thing, they are the terrorists. Those are the people who have blood on there hands after this whole thing. Americans were terrorized from within, and those people walked away from their little experiment unscathed. Until everyone knows the truth and those people are put to justice, the 'War on Terror' won't work. Let's get the real terrorists.

  • It's hurting but no

    The war on terror is lessening the influence terrorist groups have in some areas, but we can never wipe it out. I believe we're starting drone campaigns in Yemen soon but that's an area that is completely overrun by terrorist influence and is in many ways a lost cause. They're going to keep trying to kill us so we need to return the favor, but this isn't something you can "win."

  • No, and it never will.

    The war on terror will never work, and will never be over. They are training terrorists faster than we can find and destroy them. For every Osama Bin Laden that is killed, three more terrorists are being trained to fight, and taught to hate. We need to keep fighting, but it will never be over.

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