• The War on Women is Real

    The far right of the ideological spectrum is making one last push for traditional values that do not reciprocate with equality. They believe in economic policies that only advance white men, they believe in social policies that destroy woman rights and minority rights. As a melting pot nation, we can't allow them to bring us back after all of the progress we have made.

  • Republicans attacked women's rights on all fronts in 2012

    Politicians are always declaring a “war” on something. Often the conflict is entirely in their imaginations– like the War on Christmas and the War on Religion. Sometimes it’s a label designed to lend a sense of urgency to a problem they are not going to fix – like the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs.
    On rare occasions there actually is a war going on, like the War on Women, by which I mean the increasingly aggressive Republican-led assault on women’s rights, starting with access to abortion and contraceptives.

  • Never Give Up

    Yes, the "War on Women" is very real. The controversial “rape comments” made during the 2012 campaign showed the true thinking and bias of “The Good Ole Boys” – men who are successful, somewhat wealthy, in positions of authority and who truly believe there is only one place for women and they need to stay there. The men who made these comments and the men who silently support them are a type who firmly believes that males are superior in all ways. They are extremely arrogant and sure of themselves and will never change their thinking. The only reason these men tolerate women outside the home is because the law says they must. They tolerate, but they do not approve. As long as men with this type of thinking have positions of authority in politics and/or business, there will always be a “War on Women”.

  • In fact, it is quite the opposite.

    In wartime, who is called upon to suffer the horrors? Who is expected to defend whom to their dying breath? Who endures discrimination by law? Who lacks any say about the fate of children, no matter how much they want them, or were deceived into becoming a father? Who can have their careers and lives destroyed, along with those of their wives and children, from false accusations? Who are threatened into marriage or extorted the same way? Who is by law prevented from defending themselves from physical assault by the opposite sex? Who have the higher incidence of accidents, suicide, cancer, injury and death by crime or at work, and lower life expectancy? Who is derided for even mentioning these lopsided conditions, and many more? Do men endure it because most have the strength of character to do so, and do most women expect it for lack of the same? Anyone who is not a sexist would support full equality under the law, and an end to the double-standards and hypocrisy. To support the status quo, you are saying that women are a weaker sex who can't endure as men must do.

  • Hyperbole. But there is a threat.

    There is no comprehensive "war on women," in the sense of a deliberate effort to take away women's rights across the board. However, certain issues that affect women, such as abortion, are definitely under attack by the far right wing, and moderates and liberals have to stand up and oppose their reactionary efforts. However, there are even some women involved in these right wing efforts, which is why I don't believe it goes so far as to be a "war on women."

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