Is the Washington redskins a bad name to use in the NFL.

Asked by: Southernphil
  • It's a racial slur

    You wouldn't have the Washington N*****s, Or the Washington Ch***s, So why is redskins okay? It's not tradition, It's not about respecting them, It's a racial slur that we normalize and make people think it is acceptable by slapping it on sports teams. It's a disgusting use of a disgusting word.

  • The Washington Redskins is a highly regarded NFL team, So there are no negative connotations

    Racism tends to be a valid point when a race is associated with something negative. Like associating Far East people with narrow eyes or African Americans with a low IQ. However, The Redskins are a well respected NFL team with a rich history of talent and achievement. Any race should feel honored to be associated with such a team.

    Racism can also a valid point when a race becomes stereotyped. For instance, Martial arts with the Chinese, Pizza with the Italians, And fried chicken with African Americans. Associating Native Americans with American football is not stereotyping, Since the majority of NFL players are not Native American.

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