Is the way Walmart treats its employees the real reason why people are avoiding shopping there?

  • Yes, the public should respond in kind.

    If we are really getting the truth about the way that Walmart treats its employees and not giving them decent salaries or benefits that they need to live, then the public should not just be going there for low prices but should voice its solidarity and disappointment through its avoidance.

  • Yes, people feel that they should treat their employees better.

    Yes, there are millions of people that feel that Walmart should pay their employees better and give them benefits. When people see the way a business treats its employees, it goes a long way in deciding whether or not to patronize the business. If you treat employees right by paying them what they deserve, people feel that's a business they can support. That is a huge factor when it comes to Walmart or any other business.

  • No, it isn't.

    People are buying more and more stuff online and Walmart has yet to keep up in that regard. They are still very high selling in consumables, so obviously there are many people who continue to shop there. Very few people care about the wages Walmart employees are paid and horrible work conditions unfortunately.

  • The real reason normal people avoid walmart:

    People avoid Walmart not because of the way it treats its employees, but because of how crowded it is. That's just my opinion though. Granted everyone I know says the same as well.I have family who work at Walmart and while I cannot say how the employees in other stores are treated I know that in two local Walmarts the employees are not treated badly.

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