• Yes, I think the weather of British summer is desirable to have all year.

    I believe that a warmer climate would be desirable to have all year, I believe that it would be beneficial for the majority of the citizens, It would force many businesses centered around colder months to retool their businesses to adapt but besides that I see no problem to have the weather of the summer all year long.

  • I Could Take It

    I believe the weather of a British summer would be desirable to have all year. I love summer and I could take warmer temperatures all year round. Of course that's not how the Earth is built and the effects on the environment probably wouldn't be desirable after a few straight years of summer weather.

  • There's less rain.

    Yes, the weather of British summer is desirable to have all year, because the weather of a British summer is really very pleasant. It is warm, but it is not too warm. It is temperate, and it doesn't rain all the time. When it rains, it is only for short periods of time.

  • No, the weather of British is not desirable all year.

    Even though some people may like it, I think that there are a lot of people who would rather have weather that is either hot all year, or even colder all year. I think that British Summer is only desirable some of the times. But somebody like myself, I like to experience all four seasons.

  • Britiain is all about the changing seasons.

    One of the great features of Great Britain is the changing seasons. If Great Britain had summer weather all year around, it would be very boring, plus it would change the whole landscape, as the flora and fauna of Great Britain are climatically dependent on the changing seasons. Also some summers have been terrible, I would hate that to be the weather for the whole year.

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