• Yes this is a fashion don't

    No offence Moms but this is out of fashion for me being a 19 year old girl I think that these wedges are ugly. They aren't that bad but I just don't like these shoes. I go to school for fashion and I think that these are you know I already said it.

  • Love wearing wedges during the summer months with skirts and dresses, just looks so stylish and oh so comfortable.

    I am a guy who owns a few pairs of wedges and I absolutely love them. I agree with vgabs above, wedges provide height along with comfort, and they are also a good starting point for men who want to wear heels. For me, wedges are an integral part of my shoe collection and I certainly don't think they are a fashion 'don't'.

  • Some girls need them

    I have a flat foot, and can only handle wedges.
    When you are stuck wear a certain type of shoe, you find how to work with them.
    I think they are cute, flirty, and if worn appropriately, can look professional.
    But in the end, it all comes down to how you feel.
    If you feel like a bad-ass when you wear them, then screw the world.
    You're the one that is going to wear them, not everyone else.

  • I approve of wedges

    Wedges are fashionable. Some may question it because they might have seen a lot of really ugly/bad quality wedges. I'm not sure, but I own a few pairs and I am in love with them. They provide height along with comfort. They are the best kind of shoe for girls who are just starting out with heels. I have also seen wedges in fashion magazines. (Seventeen, Vogue, etc) So the answer is no, they are not a fashion don't.

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