• Welfare Doesn't Exist

    I believe that the welfare state is obsolete. I believe there are a lot of people out there who have been taught to think that there are people who absolutely ride the system. The problem with this thought process is the fact that many of the welfare programs that allowed people to do this, are now gone. Yes, people receive assistance, but not in forms that allow them to do nothing. The United States has a severe problem with corporations that under pay their employees. These are the people taking advantage of the assistance programs the most, there is no welfare state.

  • Yes the welfare state has been replaced

    In today's society and economy the welfare state is all but obsolete. Instead it has been replaced by handouts and reliance that should not longer exist. The welfare state on the surface is a good practice but what it has changed into is very dangerous for both this country and other countries.

  • Unsustainable in the long run

    Economically, socialist policies like public heath care, although a helpful and great, are not sustainable. If expenditure is higher than the income and continues, then everything collapses like in the welfare states of Europe which are collapsing. Don't spend what you can't afford to repay, if the banks didn't spend peoples money and the governments weren't broke, due to over spending everything would be great.

  • End social support and watch people work again!

    The social welfare in the US that exists today is far too large to be sustainable. It encourages people not to work and makes it difficult for those who do want to work to look harder for jobs because employers are forced to pay more taxes and minimum wages set by the government. If this requirement were lifted, businesses would be free to offer market rates for services and be more competitive.

  • No it is not

    I do not believe that the welfare state is obsolete. People need help, especially in today's economy. People are grossly underpaid. Most people do not make a living wage and live in financial hardship. I do think that the welfare system needs to be changed. Basic necessities for living should be provided to everyone (essentials food, clothing and shelter) but people also need to find a way to earn a living without the help of the government.

  • The welfare state exists

    Unless I do not know what the welfare state actually is, it still very much exists today. I think that it is more prevalent than ever in America. We have such a wealth disparity that a large percentage of our population is relient on some sort of welfare to keep going.

  • Why would it be?

    When the class gap in America is bigger than ever, the only thing that would make the welfare state obsolete would be the government's refusal to no longer provide assistance to its citizens - effectively eliminating its entire purpose. Welfare state is usually used as a pejorative, often against those on welfare (like they have a choice), but what it really needs to address is why there's a need for welfare to begin with when people in this country are literally making billions.

  • The welfare state is not obsolete.

    The welfare state is not obsolete. There are still plenty of Americans out there that are struggling to keep their families fed. I think the government should be doing more to assist these people and help them anyway that they can. I think it is wrong to assume that the need for assistance is not there.

  • Not at all.

    Look at Scandinavia and Germany. They haves strong welfare States, and they are doing fine. The only countries that have problems (The US being a prime example) are the ones that have financial irresponsibility. Take that out, and replace it with a sensible Government. Things will change, and public healthcare/education would be provided with quality.

  • The welfare state is still in effect.

    Many nation states in Europe still employ the concept of welfare state that is still viable towards the country's population. The welfare state is funded by retributionist taxation which creates a mixed economy. The wealthier are taxed at a higher percentage. It should be the responsibility of the state to provide for the welfare of its citizens.

  • No, it is alive and well.

    The welfare state is alive and well in the United States. Though a lot of people complain that it is abused, there is abuse at all levels of the public sector and the government. I would argue there is equal, if not more abuse, among congressmen at the expense of the middle class. The modifications that Obama has implemented has helped the welfare system in the sense that more people who are able to work are being forced to work.

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