Is the West paying enough attention to the food crisis in Africa?

  • We try to help.

    Yes, the West is paying enough attention to the food crisis in Africa, because we send millions of dollars of aid to Africa each year. There are projects for clean food and water. But there are some problems with distribution, for example, because there are many corrupt leaders on the continent.

  • I Believe So

    I believe the west is paying enough attention to the food crisis in Africa, unfortunately the crisis there coincides with some of our own crisis's. The United States has plenty of its own citizen go hungry, we have a massively under reported unemployment rate. While we do send some funds to address the crisis in Africa, we shouldn't be seen as the provider of a solution. We have a similar problem in our own country.

  • No, we only pay attention to our own crises.

    A large portion of the world's population lives on the continent of Africa, and that continent is suffering from a food crisis that seems to be ongoing. However, the western countries never pay much attention to things that do not directly impact them, being short sighted about the ways in which this can come back to bite later on.

  • What food crisis?

    What food crisis? If you get your information from reading the newspaper or watching television you'd never know that there even was a crisis going on in Africa. It's a travest. Not only is the West not paying enough attention to Africa, they're not paying ANY attention to the issue.

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