• Not entirely but the export of corrupt practices into African nations is unhelpful.

    Lately, the western nations have been imposing more of their own skewed concepts to African countries. While female genital mutilation is rightly condemned when imposed upon women or girls, and many African legislatures are making it illegal, the west is actively PROMOTING the mutilation of male genitalia. Using discredited research and invalidated statistics based on selected samples, some groups - including United Nations feminists - are pretending that male genital mutilation actively helps prevent disease. Most widely-accepted evidence is the contrary: it not only helps the spread of infections but it clearly hinders sexual pleasure.

    Such interference as this in Africa, is terribly confusing for any logical establishment of law and order. While women and girls are protected and the mantra for women of "my body, my choice" is repeated ad nausea for females, social and legal promotion of equivalent harm to men and boys is backed with taxpayer money from western nations.

  • No,the West can not be blamed for Africa's misery.

    For various reasons the west can not be blamed for Africa's misery.For example,the west does not control the decisions of Africa's political leaders.They should accept responsibility when their decisions are bad for the population of their countries and cause their own people to suffer various illnesses and hardships along the way.

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