• They literally said themselves that they are a hate group.

    I'm not joking, look it up. Shirley Phelps told a reporter that they were. The only reason they switched over to the whole "we are trying to save you, so actually we love you" thing is because of how much backlash they were getting. I mean, let's get real; half the signs they hold up include the word hate, so let's not pretend like they aren't.

  • By all definitions

    A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred and/or hostility towards entire members of a race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or gender.

    The Westboro Baptist Church participates and advocated hostility to many groups, notably Muslims and Homosexuals. Their website (http://www.Godhatesamerica.Com/ , if you must know ) states that God hates countries were homosexuality is legal. In the page on Pakistan, they proceed attack the whole Muslim community saying "Idolatry and false religion are rampant in Pakistan.". How do they not count as a hate group?

    Ravencorinncarluk- there is a distinct difference between between protesting for animal rights and protesting at a funeral or to take away the human rights of other human beings, regardless of their sexual orientation. While the Universal declaration of human rights allows free speech, in Article 30 it also says "Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein." this makes your point invalid as they are trying to take the rights of homosexuals away.

  • Yes the are rude, insensitive people!

    The Westboro Church is full of rude people. They only care about themselves, they stand outside of soldiers funerals and they are happy that he died. You have to be sick minded if you think that it is good that they are dying. They are fighting for our country and that is how you think that you should repay them! Have you ever heard of if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all!! Maybe their parents should teach them some manors and they should grow up and start acting their age. If you are going to make a sign that says god hates the USA then why are you still here? Making their little kids protest this stuff is ridiculous their kids should be able to choose what they believe in. Their kids wont be able to have friends and do the things that they want because they will be hated!!!! They really need to get their act together and start acting like human beings and not animals.

  • Absolutely

    If the Westboro Baptist Church does not qualify as a hate group than nothing does. I personally despise those despicable people more than almost anyone else and will let out a triumphant whoop when Fred Phelps finally off. I only hope that in the final instant before he dies he realizes that he has wasted the only life he will ever have; it would be a fitting punishment.

  • They are the definition of a hate group.

    Westboro Baptist Church is the definition of a hate group. They voice their hateful opinions loudly and in the public arena to garner attention for their crazy causes, and they have a violent, outdated belief system that is built on a divine basis for hatred towards all other groups that are not like them.

  • Yes, they hurt others deliberately.

    They are hateful in their approach to others and do it in an effort to be confrontive about their personal beliefs. They deliberately seek out situations in which people are grieving and want privacy and turn it into a circus atmosphere in which they believe they can say anything they want. They say they do it actually because they love people and want them to know that they are living against God's will and the bible teachings, but they are doing it in a spiteful way and I don't believe they have any love for anyone but themselves.

  • Yes!

    I do believe that Westboro Church is a hate group. They go around spreading hate and tourmenting people where ever they go. They are a cold harted group that does not know GOD. I mean even their website promotes hate it is If that isnt promoting hate then I dont know what is.

  • Having an opinion is not wrong.

    Free speech is a right all humans have, no matter how offensive another person may find it. The Westboro Church follow their convictions, but they shouldn't be stopped for their words. Protesting homosexuality is no more hateful than protesting fur, eating meat, or ongoing wars. Remember: sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

  • What they say is extreme, yet true

    Although extreme, they do speak the truth. They just make a bigger deal out of it than most would. Yes, it is true that post-marital sex is the only holy sex, and that homosexuality is a sin. Therefore, yes God does not approve of gays. Most people would just leave it at that, but Westboro Bapsist makes it a bigger deal. I would not call them a hate group, just a group who makes a bigger deal out of something than most would.

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