Is the Westboro Baptist Church as bad as the KKK?

Asked by: Langylang
  • Probably even worse

    Even the kkk hates them now, they hate them so much that they counter-protested against wbc. People have been assaulted by wbc and people have assaulted them back, such as in portland, or, when an angry mob attacked the wbc. They once came to my school. We had a swat van nearby and loads of police.

  • The Westboro Baptist Church Is Way Worse

    If it were 50+ years ago, I would vote "no", because the Ku Klux Klan had so much power in government, and killed a lot of people. Today, the Klan has no power, and most members are passive. The Westboro Baptist actually assaults people for being homosexuals. Sometimes, the Westboro Baptist Church kills the people they hate. The violence of the Westboro Baptist Church is way worse than the Klan is today.

  • Westboro is worse

    Westboro thinks that 9/11 was gods idea. They thank god for dead soldiers! They fought for our country how could you not respect them. They say god hates this and that. God loves everyone; god may not agree with somethings people do but he doesn't hate them. Only god can judge people. The Ku Klux Klan is a nasty group of people but not as bad as Westboro.

  • They are worse.

    Especially when compared to the modern KKK which defines itself as a "non-violent white pride organization". And the KKK website states "Let me start by addressing the repeated falsehood that we are a "HATE GROUP". Let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.We do not hate any group of people. However, we do hate some things that certain groups are doing to our race and Nation. We hate drugs, homosexuality, abortion, and race-mixing because these things go against God's law and they are destroying all white nations. But rather than focus on hate, we try to focus on the love of our race. Love for our God and Country." I'm by no means saying that the KKK is in any way good. But the KKK at the very least TRY not to be a hate group. Whereas the WBC makes little kids hold signs that says "GOD HATES YOU".

  • It's the quection of time

    It's just the quection of time, when they're gonna start to kill homosexuals, jews and who else they're against, like KKK did to the black people... That's sad. I'm wondering why is WBC still not banned in the USA? Canada and UK did that, so proud of those 2 lands.

  • In that they're both organizations dedicated to hate.

    Of course, their actions are different. WBC is more of a threat to itself than anyone else. However, at their base, they are both religiously motivated hate groups, who seem to hold themselves above all others. While one is obviously more dangerous than the other, at their core, they are just as bad.

  • The Westboro Baptist Church is akin to a terrorist group.

    The Westboro Baptist Church protests those values to which they object without consideration to the amount of harm, mental or physical, they may be inflicting on others in an effort to further their own agenda. This is eerily similar to the definition of terrorists. It is safe to assume, then, that the Westboro Baptist Church is an American terrorist group masquerading as a religious organization.

  • I Like How Ironic They Are

    Obviously I think they're really, really bad people. But here's what I find hilarious:

    Here they are, preaching and picketing like their lives depend on it, and saying that murder will send you to Hell, then telling us we should kill gay people.

    They contradict themselves in such hilarious ways.

  • One and the Same

    The Westboro Baptist Church is as bad as the KKK. They are religiously driven bigots who feel their need to impose their will on innocent people. What kind of church group pickets funerals? Many people are anti-gay but they don't need to spread it around. They should be disbanded because they give all christians a bad reputation, as well as the fact that they do not serve any logical purpose on this earth.

  • Yes, hatred is wrong.

    They have a lot of nerve calling themselves a church group since all they do is join together and hate. It is a horrible thing to do and should be disbanded. It is wrong for people to join together in the name of hatred and force it upon others. The KKK do the same thing and also need to be disbanded. Neither group should have any say in the lives of others and their continued existence is a disgrace to humanity.

  • They don't hate people they hate their choices.

    I know, I know being gay is not a choice, and I do not think it is, however I and many other people have not seen evidence towards this so I can see why it's such a divided topic. Another thing is though I have no problem with gays and them celebrating being gay I hate what they and the media do with the gay pride parade. They really take it too far in my opinion I mean it's not like I go grind up on women all over the street to show to the world I'm straight, yet we promote them going out on this day and grinding on people of their own sex and wearing assless chaps to show the world they're gay. That's my problem with some of the gay community. And they can do this all they want at any events they go to, just don't do it in public like you've got something to prove to the world. Now that I've got that out I'll get to the crux of my argument. The kkk promotes hate towards the parts of people that they have no choice in, like being black, midgets or any thing else that's not "right" or "normal" (really meaning not white, Protestant, and straight). They would even go to the extent of killing these people and anyone who helped these people and promoted them and their cultures. On the other hand the westboro baptist church just protests peoples choices like being soldiers, promoting (not celebrating) homosexuality, and (in their eyes and many others) being gay. I also noticed someone saying something about that they use the church as their excuse or guise and that they're degrading these business's we call churches. But at this point what moral value does the church teach? In my experience none whatsoever. They allow us to degrade ourselves and the people around us, and all we have to do to "repent" is say a few hail Mary's and the lord's prayers. They don't ask us to change because then if we did change and live perfectly (or to the best of our abilities) the word of God who would be at church? Who would donate? Who would pray? Very few and it's not good for a business to lose consumers. However the westboro baptist church asks us to change and live by God's word (well at least their interpretation of it). To wrap it all up westboro baptist church does not say that people are bad because of who they are naturally, but instead who they have CHOSEN to be, and protest these groups of people to ask them and us to change. As well there is no such thing as a good church only good ethics which clearly neither kkk nor wbc nor any other church seems to have nowadays.

  • Very Bad but not That Bad

    The KKK did much more extreme acts than what this church is doing. Hatred is definitely wrong but there is no way one can say that these people were as bad as the KKK which murdered there opposition. These people are ridiculous and disrespectful. I doubt God approves any of this. Holding signs and yelling is much different than killing people.

  • No, they are not.

    Realistically, the Westboro Baptist Church are a gaggle of quacks who are seventy strong and garnering international headlines. They hold mean signs and say insensitive words. If we would ignore those idiots, they'd disappear. There was no ignoring the KKK. They throw flaming cocktails, burned crosses on lawns, were thousands strong, and hung black people. Big, big difference.

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brian1124 says2013-09-11T18:10:40.053
I cant choose a side if you want to go by todays kkk then yes I think wbc is worse then todays kkk but wbc cant even touch the old kkk they wouldn't even come close