• This is embaressing

    Only Man Babies with a below average IQ who listen to PItbull on the weekends do the whip nae nae. I mean the dance is just putting your arm out and waving it like an autistic child trying to swat a fly. At the end of the day the dance symbolizes retardadtion and the Devolution of Human civilization.

  • "The stanky leg" part of the song is inappropriate.

    Look up the meaning of "stanky leg," and you'll have your answer as to why it is inappropriate and disgusting. It is very disturbing to watch children dance this when you understand the hidden meaning behind the slang used in the song. It is something that is said to occur on the dance floor when a woman rubs herself against another person's leg.

  • Sorry, but yes. (Do the whip and nae nae if you want tho.)

    The 'whip and nae nae' has sexual origins, deeming it inappropriate for the kids who do the dance moves. Parents should probably pay more attention to their kids. BUT... Should it be censored? Hell no. Free speech is important, and although this song is a piece of shit song and dance move, it shouldn't be censored because "Free speech motherfuckers."

  • I think this is inappropriate

    I think this is appropriate because my teacher told me something and now I believe him so can anyone try and explain why it is not appropriate cuz I'm just thinking you know so just please let me understand and thank you and please don't get mad at me just cuz I said it was bad and I hope that you don't argue with me just cuz it's my opinion and goodbye

  • Of course not

    This is NOT an inappropriate song. It is just a song with meaningless words that are meant to make people have fun dancing together. I don't even know why someone would make this poll. It makes no sense that you would think this song is even close to being inappropriate.

  • Because it isn't

    It's just a dance and you non-hip squares need to learn how to have fun in life, Rather than trying to ruin a kids fun by exerting energy in a new and exciting way. I'm the father of 3 boys and they're all scholarly students that do this dance with and haven't gotten in any trouble for doing this dance

  • You might have autism

    If you think whip nae nae is inappropriate you might have autism as it is a song about moving your body parts in specific (non inappropriate or sexual way) over an over. It would take some serious brain power to turn whip nae nae into a bad thing and if you try your just a loser.

  • No whip, no god

    Y'all're dumb. Whip and nae nae is my religion and y'all r rlly tryna' flex on me. Wh'ell guess what? I don't give a FRICK what you think about my whip and nae nae lifestyle. I gfuess is too sofistcated for y'all to unmderstand. The whip in n ative american language3 means god is alive. Nae nae in chiense is good luck and prosperity. Stamnky leg in mexican means one with the wholey sprirt. The man whom'he'wrote the song is my god and jesus forever and you camnttot change my mind looser ;)

  • As much as it sucks, it isn't

    Yes, the Whip and the Nae Nae are probably the worst dances ever, but that doesn't mean that it's inappropriate, To the person that said yes, your teacher is probably a very religious old person who believes that everything ever is Satan, Oh and P.S Your spelling and grammar is some of the worst i've seen.

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