Is the White House's "Insider Threat" program, which forces government employees to spy on their colleagues, fair?

  • The "Insider Threat" program is fair.

    To say the "Insider Threat" program "forces" government employees to spy on colleagues is a leading statement. This program simply grants government employees the opportunity to stop a threat from the inside of government. A simple background check into United States "double agents" will show sufficient evidence that this threat is real, and needs to be acted upon as soon as possible.

  • ITP is unfair, not only to gov. employees but to the U.S. as a whole.

    When you get down to it, this program's only purpose to to stop potential whistleblowers, such as Snowden. So when you look at it, if this program would have stopped him before his big revealing, NSA surveillance, a key issue in this years PRESIDENTIAL election, would have never even been brought up. So, with this program in place, we can only imagine what key issues we are being left in the dark about.

    And, of course, going all "I.A." on government officials and causing a very untrustworthy work environment for these people is not a fair thing to do.

  • No not fair to force anyone

    So maybe the program as a whole is a bad idea and should not have been approved but to force people to spy instead hiring actual spies is not fair really. It is understandable how some positions require more concern than others and maybe measures do need to be taken but that does not make it fair.

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