• Yes, it is.

    The Wii U is most likely failing. When a new gaming system comes out it takes a while to get games for it, and get companies to start creating games for it. Those companies are not going to want to make games for the Wii U if they see no one is buying it though.

  • I say yes, but not without reason

    The Wii U seems to be failing due to a lack of third party support that other consoles are able to get. I personally think that the lack of third party support now will severely affect the console's performance in the future, because since it's not doing so good now it will cause developers to want to stay with the more successful looking console, rather than attempt to help the Wii U get back up and sell better than it currently does. It's lack of games, and in my opinion, the games aren't even that good. The games are just remakes of other games that we have played so many times that playing another game, even one with a few different quirks added in order to be a little different, don't convince me to go running with my wallet to the nearest store to buy one and start playing it instantly. I think that if the Wii U opened up it's library to a larger amount of different games, much like the most recent one that came out, splatoon, they would see more innovation in the console that would convince more people to buy it. Until they do so, and without the proper third party support to do so, they might see hard sales for months, even years to come.

  • Wii U will be the new virtual console.

    Wii U is one of the second fails of Nintendo. Sometimes it cost too much to buy a bundle. Wii U controller copy Xbox 360 controller design and Ps3. Wii U has less games and exposed that sucks. Wii U graphics doesn't look like a next gen and does not look better than Ps3 or 360. Wii U is still worse as Virtual Boy does. It is sold less than ever so. Wii u has poor battery that sucks. Nintendo should do better than so.

  • Gone out of style.

    The Wii is no longer considered to be "in" like the XBox360. The Wii was successful when it originally came out, but the system itself is extremely limited in comparison to its competitors. The games are designed more for young children, many of whom are too young to properly use the controllers. Many who have purchased this system now regret it.

  • Yes it is

    The Wii U is not very successful. With the PS3 and the XBox360 and the announcement from Sony about the PS4 the Wii U is not going very well. Its all about XBox live, Playstation Network,etc. The Wii U is very unsuccessful. Not one person I have talked to has a Wii U.

  • Lol no xD

    There E3 whopped Xbox One and PS4. Wii U doesn't even need Third Party to out sell Microsoft. Take all the Multi Plats off of Xbox or PS4 and Look whats left. And Sony won't abandon there Old systems! It's time to let them go Sony and Xbox, those two have been out long enough for Nintendo to make the 3DS, Wii U, and Dsi. If anything Microsoft is failing. And have you relized Gamers are killing off are childhood? The main reason Wii U isnt so popular is because it doesn't appeal to "Gamerz"(Which I bet only buy Systems for Call Of duty and things like that).

  • Time is key

    Many of Nintendo's games to attract people to the console have not been released yet. Titles like Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda (Not the remakes), and Super Smash Bros could majorly boost the consoles popularity. We will find out if the console is failing come the start of 2015 or late 2014 when many of these titles are released

    Posted by: ZM3
  • It's growing to be the best

    The Wii U isn't failing, in fact, it actually is an interesting device that allows 2 screens to be playable at once, I believe that developers just need to get used to the system and once that happens, there will be a flood of exclusive games...The Wii U already has Pikmin 3 which proves to be a huge success in japan, plus Assassin's Creed 3 allows players to switch items/get a better view of the map without the use of pausing, think about it, would you like to fight British soldiers and then have to switch the item in the middle? No you wouldn't, plus in the end of all console life, the game is what matters, The Wii U has great exclusives (and has alternative to the games that do not reach it) and if your gonna say that the Wii U is gonna fail then I'm sure that you will agree that the XBOX ONE will become a bigger failure...So that's my explanation, I hope you all agree with me...

  • No, not exactly.

    Any new gaming system is not going to see the effects of how bad, or well it is doing right away. People do not always want to fork up that $300 for the advanced system when they already have the older version and still use it. When more games and variety come to it is when we can know for sure.

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