Is the Windows RT operating system the future of Windows?

  • Yes, I think the Windows RT operating system is the future for Windows.

    I think that as the world continues to move towards mobile devices and away's from desktops and laptops that operating systems like Windows RT will be the norm instead of the exception, I think that it still needs to be vastly improved from it's current state but I do believe it will get there.

  • Yes it is

    I believe that the Windows RT operating system is the future of Windows since it is getting easier to use, and since so many people use Windows already for so many things. I think that Microsoft should stick with the RT even if there is a learning curve so that people can get used to it.

  • Each edition paves the way for the future.

    Windows RT may not be the crystal clear vision of the future Windows, but it is a stepping stone into the future expansion of the Windows franchise. Every past edition of Windows has contributed something to what we consider standards for the operating system. For example, the "Start" button became a universal expectation for Windows users because they became so used to it.

    So Windows RT will continue to shape and mold our perceptions of Windows and what it should be like.

  • No, it has already been made obsolete by Windows 8.

    Windows RT was meant to compete against the likes of Android and iOS in utilizing mobile phone hardware, but its reception has been icy at best. The biggest strike against it was its incompatibility with Windows 8, effectively making it a Windows operating system in name only. With Microsoft already phasing out Windows RT Surface tablet computers in favor of its Windows 8 tablets, the Windows RT operating system looks more like a relic of the past than the future of Windows.

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