Is the Windows Vista operating system the worst that Microsoft has created?

  • Not really the worst

    I would not say that the Vista operating system was for sure the worst that Microsoft has created. As with any system, Vista did have some problems, but it did have some advantages to. Now though, the Vista operating system is completely out of date, and today's systems are much better.

  • Vista The Worst

    I believe that Windows Vista was the worst operating system that Microsoft created and most would more than likely agree. I believe they released many updates that helped patch the bad product and they eventually brought it up to a decent level, however I feel it should have been pulled from the market, regardless of cost.

  • It is nonsensical.

    Yes, Windows Vista is the worst operating system that Microsoft has ever created, because it does not make any sense. Windows Vista does not flow logically, in the way that most people naturally want to move around a computer screen. Vista tried to be different, just for the sake of variety, and the result was an operating system that is not natural.

  • That title belongs to Windows NT.

    Windows Vista? Why are we even discussing this operating system in 2014, it's obsolete. But in reality, it was a decent operating system for its time. But Microsoft has always run into problems whenever it tries to reinvent its core product. But I think the worst exacmple of a Microsoft operating system was Windows NT.

  • Windows Vista was not as bad as it seemed.

    Windows Vista was riddled with criticism. However, those that claim it was the worst operating system Microsoft has ever created is quite a claim. Windows 95 had its problems, as did Windows NT. Few remember Windows NT due to the issues that it had, and the fact that it did not really address any of the problems from Windows 98. Windows Vista just came about when there were forums that more people were active on. The outcry was louder, but that doesn't make it more justified. Also, Microsoft has produced other Operating systems aside from Windows that have not even been mentioned.

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