• It takes on so much

    The Wire examines how our society functions and how we live together, all the while presenting compelling, realistic, and relatable characters. Its super realistic portrayal of law enforcement and crime puts all other crime-drama shows to shame. The Sopranos and Breaking Bad are up there as well, but the Wire is just has something you can't find anywhere else.

  • Oh, indeed - check this

    I've been looking for definitive proof of whether The Wire is the greatest show ever and I finally have it: Granted, I created this site. But, I think it boils this down in a way that anyone who has seen the show can relate to. This is the truth in one VERY long word.

  • No question in my mind.

    I've seen every episode multiple times and it never ceases to amaze just how gripping it is. The character development, script, acting and camera work all blow me away every time. For a show that has so many players and so many storylines to be able to give the viewer enough insight to care about virtually every recurring character, one way or the other, is nothing short of remarkable.
    An absolute masterpiece all around.

  • AbsoPositively the Best!

    Exceptional writing, flawless acting and an unprecedented ability to create and maintain multiple story lines that never ceased to keep the viewer intrigued and wanting more.

    The fact that it was consistently overlooked by the Emmys was a complete and utter travesty.

    The pop charts say the Sopranos. The Streets scream The Wire!

  • It's the perfect show.

    The Wire does everything right. It has amazing acting, brilliant writing, perfect tone, characters, and it's addictive. The Wire is the perfect show because it's never a bad time to watch it. It's one of the few shows that just got better and better, and you never wanted it to end. Nobody hates The Wire, nobody will tell you it's just ok, because anybody who's seen this show will tell you the same thing: It's perfect.

  • Breaking Bad or The Wire?

    While I am a huge fan of both shows I think Breaking Bad is better overall. It more exciting and there always the dark humor mixed in. Classic characters like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman alone out due the many characters of tvs the wire. Breaking Bad is just better.

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