Is the World actually going to end? I will accept explanation's that talk about, "The Big Bang Theory" just make is logical.

Asked by: GrammarIsKey
  • Yep it will

    People are talking about the big bang, that didn't happen, people say that when the big bang went off particles flew everywhere and formed hydrogen atoms, they all simultaneously formed the same design for no reason, uh, no.
    Anyway with the kind of environmental destruction were causing yes, eventually, sooner than any big bang crap.

  • Not only the earth.

    Science has shown that the universe is still expanding. It is still unknown what the limit of expansion is or when it will be hit but it is believed that one of two things will happen when the limit is reached.
    The first theory is that it will explode, scattering everything, the other is that it will implode back to being a singularity. This would result in another big bang that starts it all over again. According to this theory, not only will another big bang create a future universe but the collapse of another universe may have been the cause of ours. This may be just one of the universes that have existed and will exist.

  • Yes, the world will indeed end.

    First, here's a link of the World's timeline (Factual Stats.):http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=nYzma05-J7U. Also, "The Big Bang Theory" explains mor intently as to why it will end not only from the sun being a star exploding but the Government also has a &%% percent chance of executing all of us. P.S this is lousy due to me being tired and it being written at 9:10 P.M

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