• For the most part, yes

    While the world is still far from perfect, modern society has a lot more ways to ensure that it is more just than societies of the past. Most modern countries have established laws that are intended to be just, and ways of implementing these laws that are fair. Some countries lag behind, but overall, the world is more just and fair.

  • Yes, I believe the world is filled with more justice then it has been in the past.

    I believe at this point in history society globally in general is more just then it has been in the past, in the United States we have eliminated any and all racial laws and all groups are given a fair and equal chance to rise to the top when in the past the situation was quite different.

  • The world has never been safer

    While confirmation bias can lead one to think that both hardened gangsters, villain street cops, and yes even the actual villain can perform basic social roles. To this end it is useful to note that stiatisticall the world is sitting on the biggest supply of criminal justice data that it's ever had, and the result is clear, crime has been trending down.

  • It Does Seem To Be Better

    In most places, there does seem to be a more fair justice system. However, other places seem to be going backwards like the state of Florida, and all those states that are trying to restrict voting rights. Let's hope they see the type of damage they are causing and fix themselves. We are supposed to be making our lives easier, not harder.

  • It is all so unfair.

    No, the world is not filled with more justice than in the past, because there is just as much corruption in the United States as anywhere, and we are supposed to be the most just society on earth. Abortion, on a colossal scale, happens every day in this country. Fathers are pushed out of children's lives in favor of mothers. We do not have justice in this world.

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