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  • No it will end sooner

    The fish in the seas are dying. The soil is becoming barren and unfit to grow crops. The fresh water is running out. The oil reserves are being depleted.
    The rich are racing to Mars and to will not let people go with them.
    Of course the world is ending. They just don't want to spend a dollar to save it when they make a dollar to burn it.

  • No you ding dong

    Why would anybody believe this poop. There have been so many end of world predictions and ALL WERE WRONG. Just live life and stop worrying about what will happen, The world will just end whenever it feels like and its kinda offensive and doomer for a human to just predict when that will happen

  • Not if the sun doesn't die in 2060, Which it won't.

    The sun has to die first. The world ending before the sun does is just too far fetched. That's just 40 years from now! The sun will still be there for 1 billion more years. That's waaaaay longer than 40 years. If the sun doesn't die in 2060 (which it won't) the world won't end either.

  • Why would someone be compelled to believe this?

    What is your reason for believing this? Have you had some form of special revelation that revealed this to you? Did you read such a prophecy in a dusty book you found in your attic? Did your pet cat tell you this? There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe such an idea.

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