Is the world headed toward a 3rd world war?

Asked by: Nd2400
  • Eventually there will be a 3rd world war

    With all the conflict in the world recently, it is definitely fuel for a possible war. There may or may not be a war due to a cause that some of us would expect, such as Trump or ISIS, but eventually, there will probably be a third world war. Is the world headed toward a 3rd world war? Since there are now so many advanced weapons and bombs that can be launched at the push of a button, a third world war is certainly likely, eventually

  • Are you watching what is happening in the world today? The way i see it, we are headed toward catastrophic , bases on history.

    Look i didn't come to this though easily. It came to me two weeks before the elections. I didn't feel good with trump nor Hilary. My thinking was we are getting close toward a nuclear war. So soon after the election, I started to research about wars, why and how it started. Found out some interesting things. Some things was obviously in war, like mankind been at war with each other since we existence. Over the last 500 years been very challenging for humans. Some experts think major wars runs in cycles, like in American history. The American Revolution, the Civil war, ww1 and ww2. A theory is a major war happens every 70 to 80 years. Base on this, we are right about there. According to Graham Tillett Allison, is an American political scientist and professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, we are entering Thucydides trap. There is other reason why I'm thinking we are getting closer toward war each day. Some examples of what is happening in today world, is Russia and Nato's playing major military war games. Russia and the US is clearly not going to be on the same page in the world views, and that is leading to mistrust, and a heavy load of tense. Then we have China playing a major factor in today world. First China is clearly not helping the US with trading, nor controlling the North Korea crisis. China say one thing about the North, and then do the other. Now we have India and China threatening war with each other. The US also have a big issues on the islands china made in the south china sea. We have a other thing not favoring the US, and that is Russia and China are in a military and economies partnership. Both countries now having good relationship, Obviously this is not a good sign for the US. The world also have the middle east needing a excuse to go to war, and what a better way to go if the big countries go first. The way i see it, the world is preparing to go to war. The war could happen soon or it could happen within 2 years to the next 10 years. Sure we had the cold war, and nothing happen, but we need to know why nothing happen then and that is because Russia and the US knew the red lines. Now the red lines have moved, and we really don't know where there are. Now there is more player in the game with alot power and these red lines haven't been set. SO with no new rules, the game of war is so much more dangerous. The reason why I'm writing this is to let people know what we are in for, and it is pretty scary. Hope I'm wrong about this. Let's hope the world leaders will think before they act.
    By the way I would love for your feedback!!!

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  • The Cycles come and go.....

    I am new here, so bear with me..
    I think +Nd2400 ^^^ is right. For school we have a summer project, and I've been researching about wars and how they started. Most wars start with rising tensions between two major factions (Cold War) and then those two factions gathering allies, making more advanced technology, and supporting other smaller factions in current wars.It then progresses to the major faction either attacking a opposite ally,an ally on the other side attacking a faction, et cetra.
    I cannot say that NK will be a trigger, but looking at recent events, like trumps "America First" policy, and his denial in other areas, I can say that this is probably our greatest chance for a war. If you search "WW3 battle simulations" on youtube, you can see that the US will most likely lose. My last history teacher always say's history repeats itself.

  • Foreign policies have degraded our relationship with other countries.

    This is a fairly decisive question. As a person, We do not want another world war. However, With the current relationship between countries, One may or may not be on the horizon. So let's review the possible sparks of the war:
    1) China: Trade war and other economic issues
    2) North Korea: Development of nuclear weapons
    3) Russia: Potential election meddling and deteriorating relationships
    4) Energy Resources: the fight for the deplenishing resources
    5) Middle East: The wars and the disagreement between Muslims

    Anyways, As of 2018, We are 2 minutes away from midnight.

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  • Not Anytime Soon

    Recently North Korea have been causing global problems. But if a war does break out, a Third World War won't break out because of Nirth Korea. Now they have no one on their side - China wants to stop them causing problems now.
    So if North Korea nuked America, America would nuke back and the war would be over. North Korea has no allies to step in and fight America.

    There is a lot of terrorism but that unfortunately will never stop. Since the beginning of humanity there has been terrorism. The Romans were effectively terrorists, going to foreign lands and wiping them out until they conquered what they wanted. Pirates in history are effectively terrorists too.

    Eventually there probably will be a huge global war but not any time soon. No one is willing to nuke other people (apart from North Korea) because the leaders are sensible enough to realise it isn't worth all the lives lost.

  • Not that no is the better answer.

    The method of counting is skewed. World War III has come and gone with barely a care. III could be the drug War it is has been a World War. III could also be the Sexual Revolution it is also a World War. III could have been the Iraq War as it was also a World War just rather one sided.

  • So I'm assuming this is about North Korea.Well....

    North Korea, a weak, allyless half-country the size of Pennsylvania
    The USA, the sole superpower, UK and South Korea.
    And if NK attack us first, USA, UK, South Korea, China, New Zealand and Australia.
    That really seems like a catostrophic world war to me.
    And don't say the war will end up like the Korean War and have devestating effects. This time NK are alone, VS a strong millitary coalition.

  • I shouldn't debate with specific ulterior motives but there must never be a war

    I voted no, and to be honest I wish it was no strongly. I live in S.Korea right now and it is so depressing to hear anything about north korea or nuclear weapons and missiles. And I rarely think that north korea will start a war, because even if they do I think they know well enough that it will be fatal to themselves. Anyways I'll press no with a bit of my hope in international peace.

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