• Yes, pollution is a problem

    Yes, pollution is a problem that may be causing weather and environmental problems. The earth is being stripped of irreplaceable elements and these are then burned to provide energy for the population. Clean, renewable energy sources are going to be needed so the earth can return to a balanced state. We need to check our lifestyle and see if we as a people are living cleanly.

  • Overindulgence will kill us all

    I think that the overall way that we treat the environment is causing so much damage that we're beginning our own demise. The planet is poisoned by our lifestyles and greed. Groups of people help the earth, but not enough people help to support the natural resourses. We are headed toward a bad state of things if we can't let the earth heal.

  • Yes, though "cliff" may not be the right term.

    It is hard to know if truly calamitous change will be sudden, but nonetheless, we are in an unsustainable situation with regard to polluting the environment and relying on fossil fuels. There will come a point when we have created a way of living that is so unsustainable that we must change or die. So in this sense, there is a cliff out there.

  • Change

    Yes, the world is headed towards a climate We need to change the way we treat our planet and use our resources before we dig ourselves into a hole we cannot get out of, if we cannot keep our planet well, we can not be well. We all need to go green.

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