• YES

    With the economic turmoil and the extremism that is starting to infect the world, it's only a matter of time before we have a fourth. I don't know where it will crop up or how bad it will get, but I absolutely do believe that it's going to happen.

    People are starting to get mad, they're starting to get desperate, and there will be a fourth when somebody offers up a good enough token bogeyman.

  • No Way!

    Even though there have been many conspiracies about this subject, they are nothing but that. The world is a vast place and I believe that it would be almost impossible for one group to take the whole thing over. There would be too much resistance. The other Reich groups only succeeded because the world was very vulnerable.

  • No, the world is too complex.

    Although there are some curious alliances formed and some quasi-secret organizations who might be aiming at such a possibility, I believe the world is just too complex today for some group to achieve that goal. The first three reichs occurred during times when the world was more encapsulated and it was easier to control large numbers of people. Today, we have international checks and balances that would keep an over zealous group from gaining control. An attempt at a fourth reich would encounter too much opposition.

  • No - The world is not heading toward a fourth reich

    When Germany was in dire straights economically, Hitler was allowed to come to power and in doing so, he created the new Reich for the German people. He offered them a way to live as long as it was under his set of rules and agreed to his war-driven ways. Unfortunately, Hitler did not realize that his ability to win a war did not exceed his ability to cause a war. He was unable to finish what he started. Therefore, Germany fell into an even worse depression than it had been experiencing.
    Today, I think that countries are more economically sound and with the aid of the United Nations, countries are better able to take care of their people. And taking care of their people is key. As long as the people are fed and have housing and clothes, they will be less likely to want to go to war. It's when the people are in want that they consider other avenues to follow to act as an ends to their mean. Therefore I think the world is in a better place than it was during the World Wars and that no the world is not heading toward a fourth reich.

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