• Of course it is!

    Bees are dying off due to chemicals in fungicides and pesticides, fish are being affected by the drugs in our waste accumulating in our water supply, and it's no secret that wildlife has been going extinct for a long time because of destruction of their natural habitats. Our population grows exponentially, as does the demand for all that humans require, including food and energy sources. With demand for food (via crops) growing exponentially, it will grow increasingly impossible to meet demands without chemicals and GMOs. We can't feed an overpopulated planet on organic crops because of the increased difficulty and lower yield. We'll feed even fewer with the massive loss of bee colonies, as bees are such a necessary part of the equation. It's so blatantly obvious that the human population is so disproportionately large, we're beginning to see the results. Yet people scratch their heads, ponder every solution but the most obvious one, then go home to make more babies. The desire to breed is instinctual, and on top of it, society sees the making and raising of children as a mark of success. Aren't we all smart enough yet for intellect to override these primal desires? You're not a failure if you decide not to pop out 3+ kids. In fact, deciding on "no kids" seriously needs to become an increasing trend. Otherwise, humans will eventually be on the endangered species list after we've destroyed everything we require for survival.

  • The population is way too high

    Anyone who says it is not is either an IDIOT or mentally disabled. Seriously how can anyone say our world population is not too high, even babies no that! We are running out of oil. We are also killing animals and eventually wipe out ourselves. WE NEED TO CONTROL THE POPULATION AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES DESERVES TO DIE!

  • Don't be blind

    Our utilization of our planet resources is reaching a peak.
    We're about to be pushed over the cliff soon, as a species we won't go extinct but is reverting to dark ages from current standards worth it?

    Better to plan better population control.
    Where everyone alive would live with first first standards.
    No point to have billions of people living lives in poverty just trying to survive from day to day, or struggling to live.

  • The world population is way too high!

    Our earth once was a beautiful place until we started to pollute it. We are creatures that use up a lot of resources and space. Our oil supply is already running low and with our population constantly increasing every natural resource will be used up. We also are killing animals, more people need more space so we just destroy the homes of others. We definitely should control our population and keep it at the same level. Anyone who thinks it is not too high is either stupid, crazy or an idiot.

  • Population: Far Beyond 'High'

    1. It is absurd to feel our own values when there are 7 billion of us.
    "I'm just one out of millions of accountants/musicians/artists... What am I worth?"

    2. Overpopulation + Capitalistic Materialism = High Demand for Goods
    This means an overworking population.
    Average England farmers in 1850s work 6 hours per day
    With industrialization, author of 'Utopia' estimated an increase in productivity and thus an average working hour of 4 per day. He did not take population explosion and materialism into account.
    Now we work 10 hours a day, because of the population.

    3. Spiritual and material desires are overreached
    The Bible described a utopia as 'land of honey and milk', now we could afford honey and milk for everyone, but utopia is still a dream.

    World's Optimal Population: 200~300 million

  • Increase in advanced technology.

    The world doesn't need any more people. Governments used to encourage a larger population due to their need for more workers to advance economically. As we develop more advanced and efficient technologies, we wont need that population and there will be even more people out of their jobs. There are so many useless people in this world already. We need a global virus to clear out a few hundred million people.

  • Our population is outrageous.

    We have to factory farm animals to keep all of our people fed. That alone is really enough to put the argument to rest, however there is a lot more. For the people who claim we can just build on all the land that hasn't yet been civilized, you are so unbelievably wrong. One reason is that we cant just destroy all of nature and kill all of the animals so that we can cram people in buildings. It will through off the global climate for several reasons. The water wont be able to absorb into the ground. The more people we have the more air we need, the less threes we will have, so we will in turn have less air. The more people we have, the more food we will need, the less farms and animals we will have, so we will in turn have less food. It is obvious. There are so many reasons I couldn't possibly type them all. Also look at Mexico. Each family has aprox 10 members per house, there aren't enough jobs, food, houses, etc for all of the people. As the population increases the quality of life decreases. And most importantly we are all equals. Humans, animals, and nature. It is often forgotten that nature is alive, and animals are often looked at as commodities. The point is we are infect very much so over populated.

  • The population is too high.

    1/5 of the world is living in poverty. If everyone on this earth lived with American standards we would need 5 Earths for resources. We need to lower the population because if we don't we will exhaust all of our resources. If we have no resources we will be living in a chaotic world with all people fighting for the remaining resources.;

  • Um...I think so!

    As of 2013, we have a population of over 7 billion people, and we have too few resources to support us. If our population continues to grow like this, we will be needing the resources of 10 Earths! As of now, the U.K. needs 7 Earths to support it, the U.S. needs 5 Earths, Germany needs 4 Earths and Canada needs 1 and a half. That's a lot of Earths, so remember to take good care of Earth, everyone, so that we can live good and happy lives!

  • Yes, the world population is too high

    There are too many people, and this results in many issues such as pollution, deforestation, drought and so on. The more people there are, the more space we need; we still have a lot of untouched land, but most of it is forest or natural habitat and we cant't destroy them as they help protect the Earth as well as us. I think that we should try to limit the population instead of damaging natural environment for buildings.

  • Population Is Not Too High

    The world's population is not too high. There are billions of people in this world but there is more than enough room for all of us. In many countries there are acres of untouched land. We could build on those areas if people think it is too populated. I personally go by the saying the more, the merrier.

  • No, it isn't

    The population is not too high. The issue is that we have not been able to effectively utilize all of the space and resources we have on the planet. Once we are able to do that, we can have a much larger population without any problems. It isn't the number that is the issue now, the issue is how we use what we're given, and right now we are woefully inept.

  • No, the world population is not too high.

    I think that the world population is not at a number that is too high overall. I am not considering specifically over populated areas. I think that the world seems to be producing enough food and resources to help the struggling places, so that is a good indicator that for now the population number is acceptable.

  • I hope not

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  • Our resource shortage is due to other factors.

    Firstly, we're too wasteful. Not saying we should have bread every meal, but people do not need to change their smartphones twice a year. Really, they don't. Secondly, we just need to advance further in tech. Vertical farming and precision agriculture, for example, will allow even countries with little arable land to produce food locally. Although renewable energy sources are restrictive, you can find one viable source pretty much everywhere: wind in the Gobi Desert, solar in tropical rainforests... Thirdly, shortages are sometimes due to sociopolitical and institutional factors, like Western protectionism hurting developing economies or wars. It's unfair to say the population is too high just because of our ecological deficit.

  • Consumption is too high

    The problem is not necessarily that too many humans are being born. It s rather a problem of rising consumption of resources amidst falling production. As economies industrialize, they tend to move from agricultural activities to others such as finance, art etc. Thus, even African nations and other developing ones are increasingly deviating from agriculture and moving into telecommunications, real estate etc. Therefore, we have two options: Increase the supply of resources by encouraging nations to contribute more agricultural resources; or reducing demand by active depopulation activities.

  • Regulating the population is not the solution; regulating the available resources is.

    The United States of America accounts for less than five percent of the world's population, yet it consumes about a quarter of the world's resources. On the other hand, places in Africa such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo have a higher population but use less than half the resources American uses. Therefore, we can concur that population is not the problem. We need to regulate the use of resources because if America keeps exploiting them at this rate, we won't have any left.

  • People have powerful reproductive urges. Isn't that an obvious sign that our world population size must be allowed to grow very high and dense?

    More and more people would be glad to live.

    As world population grows, perhaps even more parents yearn for more children, yet another reason for continued natural population expansion.

    God commanded that we multiply, so God determines what the overall population size should be.

    There are no practical nor moral means to impose population "control" upon people. So let us GROW freely!

  • Still lots of land left over. Everywhere. Lots of food potential. Only governments starve people.

    There are more people dying everyday than people being born. China and Japan and soon the rest of the world will cease to exist because of THIS population control. If you want to start controlling the population, then you are a tyrant and eugenicist and should start by killing yourself.

  • Population is Okay

    The global population is not too high... Global warming by climate change from increased population might seem real, but when you look at the facts, only about 3% of all the carbon dioxide on the earth is produced by us. The facts outweigh the theories..

    Population is not an issue.

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