Is the world prepared to support its aging population?

  • Yes, but only if we give up the idea we can live forever

    No society has enough wealth to provide endless health care. The downside of guaranteed health care is that people start to think they are 'owed' endless expensive procedures. At some point we must accept that another surgery or another round of chemo isn't going to provide a quality of life that justifies the cost. If we don't like the idea of talking about the reality of aging and death, then the status quo will simply continue. If you've saved adequately and have a loving family, you'll do fine. If not......Well nobody said life is fair.

  • Nursing Shortage Looms

    There is a nursing shortage looming in the United States--about 500,000 more nurses will be needed for the next 20 years to take care of retirees and their health care needs from the baby boomer generation. Social Security needs to be revamped or it will go bankrupt in the United States from a flood of retirees using the entitlement. The world is not ready to take care of these elderly people entirely as services for them won't be ready.

  • laziness is the downfall

    People have become so lazy and selfish, that their desire to care about anyone but themselves is almost nill. Their continuing effoorts to better anyone but themselves is proof. They are on a mission to walk over whomevers back neccessary to make a mark on the world is nothing shy of sickening.

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