• Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

    If you can't see this world is in trouble both physically and morally, That tells me you're in denial. All anyone does is eat, Work, Sleep, Die. . . Is that life?

    This year alone natural disasters have quadrupled and violence has spiked at an all time high. You can not say that it's "its been like this, We just see it more because of social media". That is simply untrue.

    All of this has been prophesied in the Bible. If people don't want to listen, And or do the research required to seek the truth, Then you have no one to blame but your self when this system comes to an end. And it will come to an end, Regardless of your feelings or opinions.

  • The World is tearing itself apart because of everyday threats.

    Everyday there is some sort of threat from each country. Right now the United States is in war with the Asian country Afghanistan. The United States also had nuclear threats coming from North Korea. All I can say the world is tearing itself apart, piece by piece. Everyday, thousands of people die from violence, but there will be a day where the Earth will have piece if attempted.

  • Definitely, and it's getting worse by the day

    Governments have gone downhill in almost every country. People feel the need to carry guns around to make sure they aren't killed or harmed. Races have mixed beyond repair. Terrorism, taking over stuff, it's all the new normal. And it needs to stop, not be accepted as daily life. It should never be daily life.

  • Look Around People.

    Crime Crime Every Where. I am surprised this world is not already in deep doo doo. The world gradually keeps getting worse. Sooner or later this world will destroy itself. No matter what we do the world will keep getting worst, and worst. Unless... Yes maybe..... Someone steps in... Things might be different.

  • People tear the world apart not the world itself.

    Due to all of the resources being harvested, all of the pollution happening, and the corruptness of the people themselves, they are depriving the Earth of its own natural resources. Humanity is continuing this with no intent on stopping or relenting. Eventually, the world will be gone by our own hand.

  • No, it just seems that way.

    As far as the "world is about to end"argument goes, I don't think so. Did you know that global poverty and war are at all time lows?* More individuals (especially girls) have educational opportunities, third world countries are improving and homicides are also at an all time low.* Hard to believe right? The human race is actually making quite a bit of progress. The only reason it seems like the world is "falling apart" is due to the fact that we have access to every little bad thing that happens via the internet. While there are a lot of bad things going on, the world isn't ending at all. *(Sources: and

  • It's been worse before, it's getting better

    Let's look 80 years ago. America owned it's middle wage population with factory work. The average worker had no rights and made little wage. Factories spit out pollution at a much faster rate than they do now.

    100 years ago. People killed themselves over the economy crashing. Now, there are rules and holds in place to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    Go back even further, slavery around the world was commonplace. Further, then you have people using awful torture devices over witchcraft or religious persecution. Monarchs who starved their countries until they revolted. An infant mortality rate so high you would lose 1/3 children. Wars everywhere.

    I don't know how people can look at the bloody history of the world, and somehow claim we've not made everything better. We now have health care, we now have the means to cleaner energy, we now live until we're 80, not 30.

  • No, it's getting better.

    As a species, we are now in the most peaceful, abundant time we've ever experienced.

    We're preventing more diseases than ever
    We're having less conflicts now than in all of human history
    There's higher quality food in more abundance
    There's higher chances of surviving birth, longer lifespans, and more peaceful lives across the world.

    When you're in the middle of it, it may look bad, but it's not as bad as it was. So by all logic and data the world is doing just fine. We just need to keep on improving.

  • Welcome to the future.

    My idea/theory about it all, is that as the worlds population ascends so will it's crime, evil-doers, and so on. So, the world is not much better than it was 50 years ago. You just have to scale everything to size for the most part. Not to even mention since the invention if the internet and television we are now able to hear, and see a lot more than we would've use to be able to. Like imagine the year is 1920's and the Middle East got a bad case of ISIS. We wouldn't have heard about it, or at least not to the extent that we can now.

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