Is the World Wide Web inherently ephemeral, due to the constantly dying hyperlinks?

  • There may be solid cores, but the larger web is a slush pile that melts constantly.

    With the most visited pages, those with high traffic, generating revenue they do not die out. The links that feed them are spread ever-wider and they keep bringing in revenue for the host by driving ad revenue. As long as the page drives ad revenue they will be maintained. This provides a solid core of slowly changing content as that which is no longer enjoyable to a large number of people dies off and is replaced over time. Content which fails to support itself will quickly die off.

  • world wide web

    I personally agree ,Yes, children should be allowed to bring phones to school, because it helps parents who need to make plans last minute. Bringing phones to school often helps administrators, because there will be fewer students wanting to place calls home for forgotten homework and illnesses, because students can simply call home themselves if they need a parent during the day.

  • A good thing

    No, I think that the World Wide Web is a really good thing, and for how much info is actually ran through it, it is a very efficient thing. It hardly never has any problems, and there is billions of different web sites that are up and running right now.

  • No, the Web is going strong

    Just because hyperlinks are constantly "dying," that doesn't mean that the WWW is ephemeral. That's like saying that we are constantly dying because our skin cells are being replaced all the time. Individual hyperlinks may go dead, but the Web as a whole lives on, growing more vital as more and more uses go online and rely on it.

  • Not All Hyperlinks Go Bad

    Not all hyperlinks go bad, and once something is put online, it stays there. A user can erase content, but there are ways to find that content online once it has been erased. There are places like Wayback Machine that archive the inter Internet, and erased pages still show up there.

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