Is the world you see real (yes) or is it a perception of what your brain is allowing you to perceive (no)?

Asked by: miyueto
  • Yes it is real.

    The world you see is real, I think it would be way too much work and effort for our brain to imagine and make up something this large. To go so far to even make it seem like other people in the world think and feel and see the way we do.

  • Life is real

    Our perceptions shape our experiences and our experiences shape our perceptions. The only thing more complex than life would be heaven I think and they both, life and heaven are very real. At least to me :) (my perception) Some things are not meant to be understood in this life.

  • Perception, perception, perception

    I thought it was widely accepted that the world we see is nothing but perception? You only need to look at an illusion to prove this.

    Then when you factor in emotions, when assessing situations, it becomes even more apparent that the world is nothing but perception...... A perverse mirror made up from a collection of experiences.

  • Our brains are shaped

    From the moment we are born, Our brain is being shaped by the way we experience reality. Every experience we have is relative to us and, Therefore, The world itself cannot be objective. Everything is relative to each person and their experiences, And our perception is based solely upon what we understand about what is happening around us.

  • Nope not real

    Do the sims have these conversations? What is real anyway? I'm torn on this one due to the vague definition of real. A schizophrenic hears voices they are part of the real that person experiences. Just because no one else does that doesn't make it any more or less real for the one who hears things.

  • We can only know what we can perceive.

    We can only know and understand something is "real" as much as we can actually perceive. True perception does not have to reside within the physical realm as well; we can fully perceive something mentally and spiritually as well. It has been concluded that our world coexists with 16 other dimensions. Since we are inherently 3D (or 4D if you add the perspective of time), we may not be fully capable of perceiving or comprehending these other dimensions; but that does not negate the fact that they are inherently real.

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