Is the written language (yes) or music (no) more important to our society?

Asked by: little_spitfire
  • Written language is more specific

    Written language is more logic than music. Music can express the feeling, or other messages of people of course, but it is rather closer to art. Life and History of human being is not that simple. To express and write all the things, written language is more useful and let people know more in detail. Human's history has been flown by that.

  • A foundation of civilization

    One of the signs of an advanced civilization is a written language. It shows not only intellect, but it provides a means of conversing with generations to come. It makes our history and helps us learn from our mistakes. Without a written language we wouldn't be past the primitive state of early people. Though I acknowledge the merit and importance of music, the written language has done more to shape our society than it has.

  • Music is cultural development and cultural history

    Although many historical events were not recorded through the talent of music, many of the more recent achievements/disasters are. This dates back to the Afro-american's who began verbally communicating through song and later a recollection of sorrow and pain felt by the people. Music highlights the era of society and follows it strictly as a record of events. The 'swing' Jazz era highlights the 'Roaring Twenties' before the great depression and describes the societies vibrant nature. Other global cultures record their stories through song and unique instruments created by the country. Even the Aborigines of Australia focused more on telling their stories through song and dance rather than written.
    Sure, not everything is supported by music. But not only does it show our history but shapes our future, mainstream music may not be a positive influence on the youth of today but it would be a lie if we didn't acknowledge the music involving sex, drugs etc. Is creating environments where this is active.
    Music is a universal language. It unites us all.

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