• Yes, the WTO has benefited the US economy.

    The World Trade Organization has benefited the US economy, but at the expense of smaller developing nations. Smaller countries with less developed economies have less negotiating power in the WTO than larger economies. This has allowed rich countries to maintain high taxes on imports to reduce the competitive advantages developing nations have in lower labor costs. Developing nations have been encouraged to open their markets to cheaper foreign grown foods while developed nations have protected their own markets by favoring home-grown food. All of these things have allowed the developed nations (including the US) to exploit developing nations.

  • Yes, the wot is good for us economy

    The World Trade Organization benefits the US more than it benefits most countries. The US is a leading lender, and though many of the loans default, the WTO encourages globalization. Often the US attaches strings to the loans which mean that receiving countries have to open their markets up. This enables companies like Caterpillar, General Electric, and eventually Mcdonalds to enter these markets and enriches the United States.

  • WTO Can Help All Markets

    The World Trade Organization (WTO) is good for the United States economy because it can help grow economic markets around the world. The WTO helps open up trade among global partners. Free trade removes barriers and increases economic activity as imports and exports both increase. The only thing that hinders trade are massive trade deficits between disparate economies.

  • No more restrictions are not better

    It has been well documented that more restrictions on a free market to not help the free market flourish. The fact of the matter is the World Trade Organization is constantly monitoring and creating another level of bureaucracy in a world that is overly regulated to begin with. Trying to supervise and liberalize the world's trade is not only unnecessary it penalizes those developing countries that can't meet their standards.

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