• Yes, it's deceptive.

    The X-factor using auto tune is deceptive, because it is a show designed to find some of the best singing talent in the world. The problem with auto tune is that it makes everyone sound like a decent singer, and in turn makes everyone sound the same. Not a good idea.

  • Yes, singers should be able to sing

    Auto-tune is a crutch for people who can't sing well. On a talent competition like X-Factor, singers should actually be able to sing without relying on a crutch like that. If they can't sing well enough without auto-tune, why are they presenting themselves as singers? Also, speaking as a member of the audience, I want to hear the beauty of the human voice, not something that sounds like a robot.

  • Auto-Tune Is Deceptive

    I believe all artists are being deceptive when using auto-tune, especially when it is used in ways that are eventually masked and covered. X-Factor is suppose to be a show about talent and the competiton to decide who has more talent, I do not believe auto-tune should be used on the show at all.

  • That is show business.

    No, the x-factor is not being deceptive when it uses auto-tune, because the entertainment industry uses everything available to it in order to produce a good product. It is no more deceptive than it is when they have the performers die their hair or use hair extentions. Hollywood has always made artificial adjustments for entertainment's sake.

  • No, Auto-tune should be tuned out.

    I have no idea who came up with this brilliant idea. Why would the production crew alter peoples voices using post production technology? That idea is beyond me, Let's face it; X-Factor is a talent competition and as such people should use their own talents not an altered version. How can anyone be on the same playing field as other competitors if someone is altering their voices. It does not make any sense. I hope they nix this idea. It makes me sick.

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