• The xbox one

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  • Yes it is

    Not only are the graphics better the gameplay is better or even that their are better games but come on the only argument that people have ever really had for ps3 ps4 etc is that their is free online but how about now hu i mean cause any time i get into an argument about it the person I'm arguing with says oh its free internet well what about know sony they have been working tords people paying for internet for years and know that finally do it ha thats funny because microsoft at least had enough balls to come out and say you have to pay for it so know i geuss its your guys move

  • Everything is better in Xbox

    THE GRAPHICS, THE KINECT, AND THE MOBILITY AND COMMAND SYSTEM. ITS ALL BETTER! IT also has more exclusive games than the lame ps4. The Xbox one is great. And it has a lot more data storage and every thing is more accessible and you can still play even without the Kinect

  • Xbox Copied PS

    If you really think you are smart and think that Xbox was their own idea umm no don't be retarded they copied freaking ps4 if you got a prob deal with it even my lil sis is smarter than you and she is 6 she knows what is better noobs

  • If you think it is you are mentally retarded

    Look up all the ram and speed and you will see PlayStation is the superior and btw at least we get something in return from playstation plus as with xbox you just have to pay to play online. So yeah playstation master race gg x box players g fricking g.

  • The Xbox One is better than the PS4.

    Most gamers agree that the XBox is better than the Play Station. It has superior graphics and a better selection of games. Its multi-player capability is far better than the Play Station. Although the Play Station has been popular in the past, it's time has come to and end. Most people prefer other games today.

  • Xbox One Not Better than PS4

    No, the Xbox One is not better than the PS4 as both systems are of near equal power and performance. The only reason to buy one system over the other would be if a person had a preference for one systems's exclusive games. Other than that, the systems are virtually identical.

  • No its not

    If you look what u have to have for xbox 1 its not even funny to trade a game you have to waite 23 days you have to have wifi at all time always have to pay for everything. For ps4 to trade a game you hand the game to someone and its done

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