Is the younger generation disrespectful to their elders?

  • Breakdown of Society and the Family has lead to this.

    Divorce, No father in the home, Young boys imprinting on the mother because no man is around to be a role model and show them how to be masculine. We have at least two generations of effeminate, Weak males (ie: antifa) who don't have a spine or a conscious. Young women have given up hope of having a stable home life and meeting someone who will be a father to their children. "They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no head; it will produce no flower. Were it to yield grain, Foreigners would swallow it up. " Hmmm sounds a lot like what's happening in the US now.

  • Yes, they are disrespectful

    The kids of today may have more information at their fingertips, but, they do not have the life lessons that their elders do. I don’t think it is right to belittle or berate the elders just because they think they know more than the elders do. Also, the elders have the same information at their fingertips today as the young do.

  • They sure are

    Not all of them but alot of them. Also some minorities are racist to older white women womens rights have gone down with all these minorities they do not respect older people except for some asian cultures and look down at you if you are single witn no kids. Well I never gotjob secirity my whole life thats why I dod not marry or hvave kids it was not by choice, it was my ethics and values from my upbringing you dont just make kids with no father and no stability with finances. In my day single mums almost starved on welfare now they get fistfuls of free money and free townhomes in canada and the govt will hire them over the woman who took the straight honest path. Also foreign people move to canada and go right on welfare and never work they suck canda dry Id never do that in another country its no my money why cANT THEY stay in their country...

  • Life experience teaches much.

    My grandparents didn't have a phone on their farm. My parents had black and white tv. I have seen the evolution of technology happen faster than most youth have been alive. Some of the information today is skewed by personal interest, participating and witnessing history in the making changes ones perspectives. I have been your age, the fundamentals are the same. Societal expectations are different and I applaud the diversity. I am about done trying to share experience, strength, and hope and just let you muttle through like I did. Let history repeat itself, good or bad. You'll put your hand on the stove and get burned, I'll wait and let you choose to ask if there is a better way. Youth is exhausting, I apologize to my parents all the time theses days. Yes, youth is disrespectful, we gave them too much.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    They are rude intolerant and disrespectful. They are inconsiderate to the elderly lies and that is very very bad as they need to respect the elderly. Some are impaitient and some are mean. They should treat the elderly better with care and love, just like their grandparents. This needs to stop

  • They are rude and disrespectful as heck

    Their poor behavior, disrespect, with out manors, morals, ethics, sadly selfies don't show what's really looking back at them in the mirror. One day they'll be old and sooner then they think. They'll look back at their now embarrassing behavior they will have regret. Its the godless society they have chosen. But that will all come to an end everyone has their day of realization of just how foolish they have been.

  • Yes young generation is so

    It is evident that elders have already seen life and now more about it.I agree that generations have changed but yet experience is more important and has more value that being a part of new generation and pointing out ur finger to the elders.
    But don't forget 4 fingers are pointing towards u.
    This can only be know by expirience

  • Elders are disrespectful

    I'm noticing a lot of elders complaining about kids today not having life skills to live amongst others due to their not getting the respect they feel.They deserve, my response to that is, the kids have joined your club. The previous generations didn't have the skills to handle living amongst other properly. Elders think too highly of the social skills. Their communication abilities are not what they seem to think them to be. And here's the biggie, they are highly idealistic in their views of their time to the extent that they poorly judge the modern world. To elaborate there are 3 ways the elder community today is unhealthy today.

    1. Disrespectful - a lot of Elders today are disrespectful.To not only one another but to those younger than them. They think due to their age or their title, those younger than them owe it to them to serve them whenever they want. They were raised in a ”Respect is given generation, ” but many of them were raised by elders who.Abuse.That system and abused their authority over them. So, these elders have grown into those who abused them and now abuse their authority. At the same time, society enables them to the point that, when they do something wrong, no one under the elder's authority is allowed to treat the elder the way they treated the younger individual. If they were to do so, society will shame the younger individual while ignoring or being lenient regarding the elders wrong.

    2. Lacking a good amount of knowledge - Elders spend so much time comparing their generation to the modern generation under the myth that their generation was ”holier than today”. Truthfully, the elders of today, come from generations who have had youth disrespect their elders. In fact, a lot of youth in the elders of today disrespected their elders. Yet, there are many of them claiming, ”In my day we didn't do this or that...” This a completely false statement in most cases. Also, the reason for the kids today being difficult is not due to their having more than our elders (Mind you the Babyboomers inherited an economically healthier country than their parents, yet they contend they weren't spoiled by it. Hmm...) or being spoiled, if this was the case then our elder would likely be able to see themselves for what they are, spoiled. Kids today are difficult because they are being raised amongst difficult and morally questionable elders, who are bad role models. Do I look at the way elders talk to Obama and Trump, which is highly disrespectful to one authority, but how many of these individuals are complaining about kids today disrespecting them? Kids are a reflection of our sense of right and wrong, they follow what we say and do. If elders have a problem with kids today, get off your behind, correct your imperfections, and model them kids who need to see those skills. Our elders boast in their so-called ”Life experience”.

  • Elders Are the Rude Ones

    Today's generation is not disrespectful of elders. Quite the opposite is true in fact. Instead of the young people disrespecting elders, social programs such as Medicare and social security force relatively young and relatively poor workers to pay significant parts of their salaries to older people who in comparison are much wealthier than those paying for such benefits.

  • Kids today are the same as always.

    As a person ages, They idealize the past. Saying that they respected their elders more so than today's youth. The thing is, It wasn't respect, But fear that they had toward their elders. Fear of retribution if they disagreed, Or stated an opinion opposite of their elders.

    Nowadays, I think there is respect and love. Instead of following blindly in fear. Sure, There are some bad apples, But most kids seem good. The rotten apples just stand out more so than the good kids.

  • Adults are more respectful

    Adults think that they have to earn respect simply because they are older. My sister is incredibly rude to younger siblings and talks lots of smack but when kids defend themselves, she labels them as disrespectful and then she would go tell our mother. This woman is almost 30 but acts like a 14 year oo

  • The way I see "disrespect" I don't this that today's generation is disrespectful.

    If by "respect" you mean to say that a person should not try to state the reasons as to why he/she hold a certain opinion and instead should change it on the basis of someone(in most cases the elder generation) else's experience which most of the time is not explained to the younger generation with "you are too young to know such things" kind of statements and if explained has a number of very illogical mistakes on elder's part. The mistakes that the youngsters are not allowed to question. I can hardly say that its our fault that we sound rude to our elders. Dear elders, you definition of "respect" is royally messed up.
    Today's generation is curious about the concept of "right and wrong". And ones own concept of right and wrong comes from ones own experiences. And its this concept that can influences our behaviors. Now, a young persons experiences are dependent on how you are treating them.
    The elder generation wants the youngsters to be the measure of elders' experiences, and if the youngsters won't do it (which by the way no one in the world can do), the elders consider it as a disrespectful act towards them.

    But lets take respect as it is. That is if a young person is given a very good, understandable and logical about something being wrong and that young person doesn't have a solid reason to believing the opposite. If in that case a young person doesn't do the right thing he/she can be called disrespectful.
    Lets twist the same scenario now lets say the youngster understands your reasons but has some equally valid, understandable and logical reasons to believe/do the opposite. In this case two things can happen either you accept his/her reasons or force him/her to do you biding. Choose you pick wisely. Because their is a very clear line to their respecting you and disrespecting you in the future.
    There is another way things can play out lets say a young person holds an opinion and you happen to disagree with it and you force them to change it without giving them any reason whatsoever, in other words you order them to change their opinion just because you want it. In the scenario if you want them to show you respect "politeness, obedience, low voice etc etc". My dear elders, you are actually negating a part of someone's confidence without giving them a reason, you are telling them that they can't think on their own, you can't expect them to be happy about it.

  • Stating an opinion does not mean that you are being disrespectful.

    Respect is earned, not given. Many elders expect to be respected simply because they are older. While it is true that they have a lot more life experience and they might generally know more, they are not infallible. However, a younger person who points mistakes out is often labeled as "disrespectful." There are children who are incredibly disrespectful, but no more than in any other generation. The new generation is called often disrespectful because they have access to a large amount of information and are more likely to point out mistakes that elders make.

  • Elders are coercive

    Most elders demand that the young ones fall silent and obey as a sign of respect even when the commands they issue are unfair and illogical. The younger generations nowadays have more access to information and research that tend to disprove the beliefs of the older generation.
    When younger people try to reason out, they are automatically labeled as disrespectful. This is nothing more than coercion and is very damaging to the development of critical thinking among the youth.
    Stating new information is not in any way disrespect, however, coercing people to agree to everything the elders say is disrespectful to the natural human rights of every individual.

  • More elders are disrespectful.

    Why are elders always automatically expected to be respected? It makes no sense. Because they are old does not make them better. They earn respect just like anyone else. I could care less how old they are. WHO they are is what matters. Respect is earned. Most of them are rude and obnoxious. I would never teach my kids to tolerate that. My kids are too smart to fall for that ignorance.

  • No, the younger generation is not disrespectful to their elders.

    A century ago elders were considered to be pillars to society as they had been around for a long time and therefore had learned a lot. In today's technological age America's youth has had access to information at a far greater rate. This in turn has made a more educated youth. This educated youth has been more involved in conversations as a result. This is sometimes mistaken as disrespectful, but in truth the times have changed.

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